If you suffer from slow `ls` in when listing a lot of files, consider changing the colourisation used by the `ls` command.
A folder with 100,000 files takes 18seconds to list.

BUT after disabling colourisation for setuid/setgid, executable flags, you can reduce this to under 1second :

export LS_COLORS='ex=00:su=00:sg=00:ca=00:'
time ls --color=always
real 0m0.954s

My main challenge with is discoverability. Fortunately allows you to add local timelines of other instances as tabs. Really handy.

Running do-release-upgrade three times in a day to go from 17.10 to 19.04 is a bit of a slog, maybe i should have just done a fresh install instead...

Kids asked if they could play with my old star wars toys on star wars day. 😜

@trunk Please add me to Academia, FLOSS, Free Software, Linux, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence, Retro Computing, Sysadmins.

Handling handwritten matrices nicely with , and also how to make corrections.

mathpix is a neat tool that converts handwritten equations to LaTeX. It's installable as a snap/deb/etc, ( unfortunately unclear on the licence/opensource status of the app though)

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Author says "I'm stupid but not stupid,I'm chained to the system". You don't have to be part of that system.

"I am stupid for buying another one of these computers, but only as stupid as any of us are for...becoming beholden to the system having a big commitment out of which to dig ourselves (actually not very stupid at all). "

"one single recycling company... has had to scrap more than 66,000 otherwise reusable or easily repairable iPhones in the last three years because iCloud lock was enabled on devices that had been donated by their owners." motherboard.vice.com/en_us/art

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Tip of the day: stop using "ps -ef | grep <pid>" and start doing "ps -f <pid>. It also accepts multiple arguments.

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This week I am working on @ubuntu_mate 18.04.2 images for the @Raspberry_Pi models 2 and 3/3+

Nothing exciting to report just yet, build system is configured and the root file system is being generated. Next up is adding the kernel and boot loader.

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Hey you! Want to develop open source software in your job? Want to have a direct impact on hundreds of thousands of students each year? Want to get a good pension and be able to study for free? The Open University is hiring developers for our #Moodle-based VLE! open.ac.uk/about/employment/va

Passing `-x` to the df command can hide all those snap and tmpfs mounts....ahhhh thats better.

I've been using Linux on the Chromebook (AKA crostini) recently: this FOSDEM talk was very informative and answered many of my questions. fosdem.org/2019/schedule/event

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