My main challenge with is discoverability. Fortunately allows you to add local timelines of other instances as tabs. Really handy.

@Simon I think that's just in the beginning. Once you follow a lot of people with interesting stuff it's way easier to find new people to follow through boosts, reactions etc. Until you reach the point where you unfollow some again because your timeline is too busy.

Click on the world symbol in bottom left, then choose "add an instance". Then type the instance you want to see, then click validate. Then in the main menu choose "reorder timeline" to choose where it appears in your tabs.

@corvus hi corvus, please check my earlier reply to sam for details.

@Simon Seriously? That's awesome!


Is this a client? I've been thinking about setting up a single-user Pleroma instance just to try out Pleroma's fancy features, but I don't want to leave my current instance (everyone's /so/ nice here). I'm wondering if this would still allow me to use the local timeline even if I'm living on the personal instance.

Hi, it's an android app .there may be some desktop equivalents that support this , but I haven't looked yet.

@Simon Huh. Well, I don't have any Android devices, so I guess I'd have to look for some other project. Thanks! (:

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