I've been using the @Lenovo@twitter.com ThinkPad P1 with @ubuntu@twitter.com and @ubuntu_mate@twitter.com since September last year. Fabulous mobile workstation 😍 And as the @omgubuntu@twitter.com article says, some LVFS support to via BIOS/Firmware updates for 🐧 available for download from their support site.

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Lenovo's New ThinkPad P Laptops Can Come Pre-loaded with -- omgubuntu.co.uk/2019/06/lenovo

ZebedeeBoss trying biscuits and gravy for the first time at SELF youtu.be/BU14TYJK1FA

I'm catching up🏃‍♂️with developments in MATE Desktop after having been away galavanting for a week. @popey@twitter.com and I have claimed to regularly have a large number of browser tabs open. Today I learned we a rank amateurs 😕 github.com/mate-desktop/mate-d

It's the end of the and we're playing my Bash game Antsy Alien Attack on the projector 📽️ @popey@twitter.com has just set the new high score 👽👾🕹️ wimpysworld.io/2Zw8ceJ

It's the end of the and we're playing my Bash game Antsy Alien Attack on the projector 📽️ @popey@twitter.com has just set the new high score 👽👾🕹️

Last weekend @ubuntupodcast@twitter.com were at @FOSS_Talk@twitter.com Live in London 🇬🇧 Each of the presenters introduced and demoed a game 🕹️ we've each been secretly working on as part of a ridiculous coding challenge. It's @marxjohnson@twitter.com vs @popey@twitter.com vs me. Here's the video 📺

This is one of my favourite projects from the I'll be installing Nix OS on a laptop when I get home, it is an amazing bit of kit👍

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$ snap install --edge grahamc-nix-snap-example-firefox

makeSnap { meta = { name = "firefox"; architectures = ["amd64"]; apps.firefox = { command="${pkgs.firefox}/bin/firefox"; plugs=["browser-support" "desktop" "home" "network" "x11"];}; confinement="strict";};}

It has been wonderful collaborating with another passionate distro maintainer at the Rising tides 🌊 and all that! ❤️

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To have a native look also on snaps @m_wimpress@twitter.com is adding the default Manjaro themes to gtk-common-themes snap. This also adds the default theming for snaps on @ubuntu_mate@twitter.com

Here we go @sil@twitter.com; 2 down, 1 to go 😏

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A game, written by @m_wimpress@twitter.com in bash, running on 18.04 on WSL2. Bonkers.

Actual game developer @TMM2K@twitter.com (and @godotengine@twitter.com developer) playing my game written in Bash. The verdict; "this is actually impressive" 😁


High functioning "human"

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Proof that @m_wimpress@twitter.com isn't human. Full video coming soon (hopefully)

Sat next to Phil from @ManjaroLinux@twitter.com in the bar 🍺 after another long day of hacking on snaps at the While I'm exhausted and my laptop is packed away, Phil is still hard at work with his trusty @TUXEDOComputers@twitter.com Infinitybook 14 v2 🐧🍻👍❤️

So, @ManjaroLinux@twitter.com, @ubuntu@twitter.com, @snapcraftio@twitter.com and @ubuntu_mate@twitter.com walk into a bar; and have a delightful evening chatting about 🐧 and enjoying a beer 🍻

Probably our most successful first day at a e-v-e-r! 😀

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We've just finished our first day at the Snapcraft Summit in Montreal 🇨🇦 Here's a summary of the progress we've made today in collaboration with our guests. Looking forward to a full day of hacking tomorrow 💪

This is the data science corner at the @snapcraftio@twitter.com summit. @sergiusens@twitter.com is stewarding members of the the @anacondainc@twitter.com, @condaforge@twitter.com and @ThePyPA@twitter.com communities

We've concluded the first day of the @snapcraftio@twitter.com summit taking place in down town Montreal 🇨🇦 With 40 guests from the , Open Source, IoT, @travisci@twitter.com 👷‍♂️ and Robotoics 🤖 communities it should be a fantastic week of hacking on projects & devices

"Avoid if you like GTK 3" is the negative point about MATE Desktop in a recent @techradar@twitter.com "best Linux desktops" article. Did you recycle an article from the past? 🕸️ MATE Desktop has been using GTK3 for 3 years. Apparently the article was also published in @linuxformat@twitter.com 😖

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