Significant backlog of cool 💩 I want to find time to play with. I've got sometime off work coming up. Where should I start? Pinebook Pro? 💻 NESPI?🧳 🎮Smartwatch? ⌚

in 2018 I ordered a kit. It's been on my project TODO 📝 list ever since. I got it out earlier today to start planning my build and found a handwritten 🖊️ note 📜 in the box 📦 thanking me for the work I do on 🥰 Thank you! What a lovely gesture.

Want! 🤯🦄🌈


すごい自作キーボードきた。基盤設計からしたとか。そしてdelete Space Enterは定位置。

WHISTLEBLOWER CENSORSHIP: Facebook permanently bans our pages with 3.4 million followers

I love ❤️ the Eoan Ermine inspired artwork 🖌️ by So, I gave my desktop a little makeover 🎨 for the week ahead 😀

Are aware that 🐧 users get a broken 💔 Dropbox client on install? Any chance you could make the '' and '' shared objects executable in the bundle downloaded to remedy 💊 this issue?

Now the Steam Deck has decent 🐧 support, I thought I'd give one a try.

Just seen in Basingstoke. Fab night out and quite possibly the best Giraffe 🦒 joke in world 🌍 😂

While I was at I ran an "Ask me Anything" session about and the video 📺 is now available

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