I'm seeking feedback 📢 for an updated Steam 🎮 package in Focal Fossa. See the post in the Ubuntu Discourse for more details 👍

Does the project you contribute to, or advocate for, have a code of conduct? If so, adhere to it. If not, we have one @ubuntu@twitter.com which offers some advice. It starts with the words; "showing humanity to one another". A fine starting point, don't you think? 🤔 ubuntu.com/community/code-of-c

It's getting late 🕰 and there are bugs 🐞 to fix in @ubuntu_mate@twitter.com. So, @RSprachrohr@twitter.com are providing the soundtrack 🎸🎶 to keep me energised 😅 into the early hours - open.spotify.com/album/1LoyJQV

Thanks to the @omgubuntu@twitter.com coverage ❤️ of @Mate_Desktop@twitter.com 1.24 I've been getting questions 📨 about MATE 1.24 in @ubuntu_mate@twitter.com 20.04 😀 Progress is excellent and here's some of the visual quality improvements. In this screenshot, the new Alt+tab switcher 👍

Classical Quartet and Mariachi Band Fuse Styles Into One Song youtu.be/5nTIa_nhtV8

AMD Threadripper 3990X Review: Intel’s 18-cores, Crushed by AMD’s 64-cores youtu.be/NtnPaB9bzGo

Running @GNOME@twitter.com? Have multiple displays? If yes to both, how do you have Workspace Display Handling configured in GNOME Tweaks?

Scan line generator! 📺 Retro! Retro! Retro! Retro! 😎 Thinking about live streaming game play from a real to Twitch 💪 wimpysworld.io/2UxCVZm

Please let @omgubuntu@twitter.com know what your favourite GNOME extensions are and why 🤔 I'm very interested to see what people are finding useful 👍

RT @omgubuntu@twitter.com

I haven't updated our list of the best @GNOME@twitter.com Shell extensions since 2016. Time for a 2020 refresh — but which particular power ups should make the list? Let me know!

I've been using GeForce NOW beta via @NVIDIASHIELD@twitter.com 🕹 The @NVIDIAGFN@twitter.com service has been fantastic & also provides access to some games in @Steam@twitter.com. As a GFN Founder & @GoogleStadia@twitter.com Founder, GFN is way more compelling 💪 More games 🎮 Lower price 🤑

Really looking forward to having a curry with my @ubuntupodcast@twitter.com co-hosts @popey@twitter.com and @marxjohnson@twitter.com at the weekend 😁

The Lumafix64 kit has arrived; that's this evenings tinkering sorted 😎

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