This is why I will never make an unboxing 📦 video 📹


Getting an exclusive view of 'unboxing' something! Not your average unboxing video, is this.

Snapcraft Live will be starting in a few minutes. This week we are showing you how to snap services and daemons 😈 Just waiting for to step out of his trailer ⭐️


Snaps aren't just for desktop apps! 💻 In Snapcraft Live, we talk about server snaps, daemons and service management. Join us in ~10 mins on YouTube 📺 Bring your questions for the team! 🤓

Heard 👂 you ask on LGC weekly, so here's your answer I was looking for LED lights on Amazon and one review was posted by So I took a look at his review history and found this. I'm just glad he's comfortable now 😃

There we had two ✌️ significant issues reported with the images for ; enabling SSH and WiFi performance. We've fixed 🛠️ both. Release final images now or wait for more feedback? 🤔

How Much Does PewDiePie Make From YouTube? Do We Have a Right to Know?

Bespoke GPD Pocket & Pocket 2 images for final and 19.04 beta are available now 💥New features include tear-free rendering, right click scrolling 📜and visible GRUB 👢 See our blog for downloads and details -

Had about an hour 🕐 to kill so my daughter and I thought we'd play some games 🎮 had other ideas 😭

What is the number one thing 🥇 you'd change to improve Ubuntu MATE?

Any response featuring the words "green" or "theme" will be sent to /dev/null 😉

There very nearly wasn't an Episode 0 for Season 12 😮 Thanks to from for working his magic ✨ and saving ⛑️ the day

Congratulations on another fine release ⭐ Delighted that Code is now available for and it was a pleasure to work with and from the team 🤩 Thanks guys!


The stable snap is out TODAY Big props to for getting this started 💪 and thanks to and his incredible team for all the support 🙏! Get it at

We got the band 🎸🥁 back together for another season of This week, a pub 🍻 style chat with your hosts, and me 👍


Season 12 Episode 00 - Frontier

Strawberry 🍓is an audio player and music 🎧 collection organizer, forked from Clementine, and aimed at music collectors, audio enthusiasts and audiophiles.

snap install strawberry

The next Live 📺 starts in just a few minutes! With as your host and me answering your questions in the chat room. This week we look at snapping games 🎮 Come and join us!


Join us in a few minutes for another Snapcraft Live! This week, fun! We'll cover how to snap your games 🕹 and publish them in the Snap Store. We'll also have tips, tricks and answer your questions! Join us!

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