Some people believe Linux is *about* choice. I believe choice is one of the aspects that is harming the ecosystem as a whole. Choice is why people get so confused when trying Linux.

Lutris was born out of this frustration of having this array of half assed choices but none that did the job entirely. Having a bunch of unfinished products is not choice, it's a lack of a product vision.

You want to make sure someone NEVER uses Linux? Start by telling them about all the different distros, all the different DEs.

The current Linux ecosystem would confusing af for anyone starting in 2019. I started in 1997, I had a book, 2 Slackware CD-ROMs and that was it. Now we have systems far superior than the proprietary equivalents but also carry around all this nerd shit from the past. This nerd shit is actively pushing people away.

Just look at how Pop!_OS went from "oh it's just an icon theme for Ubuntu" to "OMG, this is the best shit ever" in a matter of months. System76 doesn't only ship computers, they ship complete systems with an OS that has to be usable and appealing. This involves the work of product designers, community managers and the like. For some reason, Canonical always have stayed a touch too nerdy, maybe because they don't sell computers?

@strider If Pop ever has the number of users and shipping devices Ubuntu has, maybe they'll get too nerdy. Turns out being popular means accommodating a wide range of user types. Also, having a long history of those users means change is not as easy as for a very new distro.

@popey Ubuntu is in a trickier space because it's the most popular OS on servers but it also has to ship a desktop version. Even with System76 growing, I believe they would stay focused on desktop only while Ubuntu has to juggle between server space, IoT space and desktop space.


@strider @popey Hello 🙂 I've recently taken on the role as Director of Engineering for Ubuntu Desktop; a role I would not have considered if I believed (for a moment) that the Ubuntu Desktop was at risk of being deprioritised. Ubuntu Desktop is a profit centre for Canonical 💰 and I intend to increase our market share as a pre-installed OS on tier 1 hardware vendor devices 💪 Something our hardware partners are also asking for.

@Wimpy @popey I didn't mean in any way that the Ubuntu desktop is bad. Pop has a few differences but for the most part both desktops are equally solid. Both represent a fully fledged product that is so much more polished than what is usually available in the Open source world. Really hope to see Ubuntu ship on more devices!

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