That was easy 😁 Modified image for 19.04 with the required tweaks to fully support the TopJoy Falcon 🦅 are being tested. Will upload soon...


Another day and another interesting device to get working on. This time, the TopJoy Falcon 🦅

Another day and another interesting device to get working on. This time, the TopJoy Falcon 🦅

Hey lazy Tweeters! I'm about to embark on a few 4am hacking sessions. Seeking recommendations for high energy ⚡ music 🎧 suggestions to help me power through. Typically and do it for me. Seeking some variety, reply below 👍

Ubuntu MATE 18.10 is End of Life 💀 Time to bust out your best disco 🕺 moves and upgrade to 19.04 👍

Ubuntu MATE 19.10 Alpha 1 for the GPD MicroPC is now available for download and testing! Thanks to for providing the engineering sample of this device 👏

UbuCon Europe is taking place in Sintra, Portugal 🇵🇹 from 10th-13th October, 2019 😃 If you want to present the call for papers 📄 is open until July 31st. For everyone else, it's time to start planning your trip 🛫 to

I've recently developed a keen interest in videos from and that refute flat earth. Since changing my avatar a year ago, I've experienced more flat earth "interest" in my engineering decisions. Just so we're clear, I'm team globe

Hey, have your dreams been answered? 💭

Looks like the first alpha image of Ubuntu MATE 19.10 for the GPD MicroPC might be ready for wider testing 😀 "Out of Box" support included. Will upload soon ⏳

Here is the GPD MicroPC running a daily image of 19.10 using 🐧 5.2.0-8 from the -proposed repository. Once the 5.2 kernel is promoted from -proposed I will release an alpha image for testing 🐞 Thanks to for sharing his ideas 👍

Good morning OggCampers 😀 2019 is fast approaching. Why not purchase your (optional) tickets while sipping your tea and eating breakfast 🍳🥓 to help support the event? 😁💰

Who Started the Flat Earth Conspiracy Theory, How Many Believe This, and What Do They Believe?

@lifeofdan Support for newer Radeon GPUs is already catered for via the regular HWE stack point releases of 18.04 and the interim Ubuntu releases.

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