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すごい自作キーボードきた。基盤設計からしたとか。そしてdelete Space Enterは定位置。 twitter.com/norimoto/status/11

WHISTLEBLOWER CENSORSHIP: Facebook permanently bans our pages with 3.4 million followers youtu.be/8Ju8s7yvsKI

I love ❤️ the Eoan Ermine inspired artwork 🖌️ by @sylvia_ritter@twitter.com So, I gave my @ubuntu_mate@twitter.com desktop a little makeover 🎨 for the week ahead 😀

Are @Dropbox@twitter.com aware that 🐧 users get a broken 💔 Dropbox client on install? Any chance you could make the 'libdropbox_apex.so' and 'libdropbox_sqlite_ext.so' shared objects executable in the bundle downloaded to remedy 💊 this issue?

Now the @elgatogaming@twitter.com Steam Deck has decent 🐧 support, I thought I'd give one a try. geni.us/EKC5

Just seen @DaveGorman@twitter.com in Basingstoke. Fab night out and quite possibly the best Giraffe 🦒 joke in world 🌍 😂

While I was at @ubuconEurope@twitter.com I ran an "Ask me Anything" session about @snapcraftio@twitter.com and the video 📺 is now available youtube.com/watch?v=nXCO3ctaRn

My interest in Sedna PCIe adapters for SSDs has overspilled into obsession 🥰 with the arrival of 2x quad SSD cards today, one for SATA and one for M.2 SATA 😮 I blame the arrival of on Desktop 💪 wimpysworld.io/33lYn5d

During my brunch 🍳🥓 with @brentgervais@twitter.com I simply ask that the wider 🐧 desktop communities be excellent to one another✌️

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A new @JupiterEXTRAS@twitter.com is OUT! okt.to/FKyN2P @brentgervais@twitter.com sits down with Martin Wimpress @m_wimpress@twitter.com, co-founder/project lead for @ubuntu_mate@twitter.com, Director of @Ubuntu@twitter.com Desktop at @Canonical@twitter.com, & co-host of @ubuntupodcast@twitter.com. Listen in on his journey through & podcasting!

Oh my gosh! I get to enjoy this fabulous story from @PhilipPullman@twitter.com all over again ❤️It's so good @oh_ocelot@twitter.com

@strider @popey Hello 🙂 I've recently taken on the role as Director of Engineering for Ubuntu Desktop; a role I would not have considered if I believed (for a moment) that the Ubuntu Desktop was at risk of being deprioritised. Ubuntu Desktop is a profit centre for Canonical 💰 and I intend to increase our market share as a pre-installed OS on tier 1 hardware vendor devices 💪 Something our hardware partners are also asking for.

Here is a (very) short video 🎬 from @popey@twitter.com that explains the bare 🐻 essentials of how to report bugs 🐞 to the project 👍

It's time for brunch 🍳🥓 with @brentgervais@twitter.com and I. Grab a coffee ☕ and listen to our musings about connecting with comminuties and the power 💪 of emojis 😁👌👍

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