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Delighted that my game won our ridiculous coding challenge 💪🕹️


Voting cards from for choosing which game in bash (!) was best. To which the answer is:'s game

It makes me go all fuzzy inside when I see stuff like this ☺️


Here it is . Upenn Upward Bound leveraging and as part of our STEM grant. Thank you for all that you do!

I read that thinks "MATE—while venerable—is essentially in maintenance mode" 😲 As a core MATE Desktop contributor and project lead for, I kindly suggest you educate yourself about the momentum and direction of MATE.

Building apps for foreign architectures need not be hard 🤔 On Snapcraft Live this week, we preview our remote build service, which builds your apps for x86, x86_64, armhf, arm64 and more 🛠 Join us on YouTube in an hour!

I've just been testing and I ❤️ it! Scrn is remote desktop sharing using the best 💪 technologies available today, without being tied to the protocols of the past 🕸 Exclusively published for 🐧 in the Snap Store by

Today, the Riot Chat developers released 1.2.0 of their secure desktop communication client. So this evening I packaged it up as a snap to make it super easy to install. Enjoy :)

snap install riot-web

Visit for more details.

Finally set up my recently purchased Black Widow Chroma TE keyboard alongside my exist Lancehead TE mouse. I 💕Polychromatic for 🐧 by I've built a patched version of openrazer so I can configure my mouse 🐁

Regarding the discussion of personal irritations on the recent with, and; when my mum sends me an email with the subject "From Mum". Every email. Everytime. For 20 years. Its infuriating 😤

We're live on now!


Happy Friday! It's Snapcraft Live day again! Grab a drink and bring your questions in about an hour over on YouTube. This week we'll have an electron tutorial and some time for Q&A. Join us!

Here is my extension of the day, Viewer 👀 Being able to pop open a simplified view of my cards directly in the sidebar is a great time saver ⏳ ❤️

Just set up YAML linting and schema validation / completion in via the YAML extension to get killer editing goodness


Just set up YAML linting and schema validation / completion in via lsp-yaml + yaml-language-server to get killer editing goodness

I'd like to know how to submit vulnerability notices to Purism I couldn't find anything on the Purism websites 🙈

Brilliant lightning talk by at the Canonical sprint in Lyon 😂 🍖🍗🥩🥓

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