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Ubuntu Kylin 20.04 Testing Week ubuntukylin.com/news/shownews.
The team is delighted to announce an Week from April 2nd to April 8th with other flavors in the Ubuntu family.April 2nd is the beta release of what will become Ubuntu Kylin 20.04 .

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Kubuntu 20.04 Testing Week - help needed! kubuntu.org/news/testing-for-t All flavors need help: @ubuntu@twitter.com @Xubuntu@twitter.com, @UbuntuStudio@twitter.com, @LubuntuOfficial@twitter.com, @Ubuntu_Kylin@twitter.com, @Ubuntu_MATE@twitter.com, @UbuntuBudgie@twitter.com

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The beta of Ubuntu Studio 20.04 LTS releases next week. More testers = more bugs squashed = a stable the final release. Are you ready to help with testing? ubuntustudio.org/2020/03/ubunt

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Two days left until the begins, so please join us for ISO testing and bug hunting on IRC or telegram!

All flavors need your help. @ubuntu@twitter.com, @UbuntuStudio@twitter.com, @LubuntuOfficial@twitter.com, @Ubuntu_Kylin@twitter.com, @Ubuntu_MATE@twitter.com, @UbuntuBudgie@twitter.com, @kubuntu@twitter.com

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3 people in a car. Not family. Pulled over by the police. $1000 fine for not distancing. (Vancouver BC). Good.

Looks like we forgot our friends over @kubuntu@twitter.com ! But come join us testing for all the flavors. 😁

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Ubuntu Budgie 20.04LTS Testing Week and all flavours need your help - go on its the easiest way to contribute πŸ˜‡ Lets make 20.04 the best ever! discourse.ubuntubudgie.org/t/u

@ubuntu@twitter.com, @Xubuntu@twitter.com, @UbuntuStudio@twitter.com, @LubuntuOfficial@twitter.com, @Ubuntu_Kylin@twitter.com, @Ubuntu_MATE@twitter.com

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If you are a fan of the AWS Fargate service the evolving ecs cli v2 makes it very easy to run your containers. In a few minutes I had a python flask app up with minimal work. Take a look at github.com/aws/amazon-ecs-cli- and give it a try. Don't manage instances. Let AWS do it.

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Thought quarantine would be perfect for study/learning. Seems like not so much (for me).

Quarantine day 12. I don't remember the last time I slept in this late.

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wow Apple coming out of nowhere with a solid coronavirus symptoms checker

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Anyone seen any sit/stand desk frames that are on the shallower side? The only spot I can have my desk only has room for 24"-27" deep. Pretty shallow I know (current desk is in that range, so I know what I'm in for), but planning to counter by wall mounting my monitor.

I can't agree more.

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Technical enthusiasts are encouraged to direct their passion and creativity towards creating fresh apps for Linux users.

We don’t need more Linux distributions. Stop making Linux distributions, make applications instead.

Wisdom from makealinux.app from @popey@twitter.com.

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Huh, when the heck did the 3rd ( @awswhatsnew@twitter.com ) Canada Central AZ come online? They sure snuck that one in.

All conference software should have push-to-talk as the default. Or even have the option for that matter.

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Stay at home. Just stay home. You will get sick or your will get someone sick. The odds are against you. Stop being a selfish ass and stay home.

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Best ever.

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I don’t know who to credit this to but it’s hilarious

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Slimbook is calling for all Linux developers!

If you are working on improving a Linux distribution, the Linux Kernel or programs for GNU, then you deserve a computer able to tackle that task like no other.

Get in touch with us before 1sth of May:

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