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Thought we'd share this - upcoming in 20.04 Ubuntu Budgie LTS. All thanks to team member Jacob


(P.S. also works on the mate-desktop!)

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Convert your files with ease -πŸŽ‰ HTMLDOC is a program that reads HTML and Markdown source files and generates EPUB, HTML, PS, or PDF files with an optional table of contents. Now available for in the Snap Store πŸ“œ 〽️ πŸ‘‡

snap install htmldoc


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Here's the hiring test I'd like to run:

Put someone in front of a bit of software they've never seen before and ask them to complete a set of tasks. It isn't a test of how much they know. It's a test of whether they know how to look for help shkspr.mobi/blog/2019/12/a-hir

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Shite Reliability Engineering: The art of trying to keep critical legacy systems running with a bunch of duct tape and baling twine

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I need to relearn how to learn (study) effectively.

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The smartest people I know personally *ALL* plan to work remotely in the next decade

The remote workers I know would *NEVER* work for a company that wasn't remote again

That's what non-remote companies are up against

The biggest revolution of the next 10yrs

Happening now πŸš€πŸš€

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The new Firefox PIP mode is insanely great for following video tutorials, etc.The new Firefox PIP mode is insanely great for following video tutorials, etc.

Just a friendly reminder that Ubuntu (and flavours) 19.04 is approaching the end of life on Jan. 23, 2020. .

My bad. The article I read was incorrect. It looks like it's just expressroute that's coming.

Whoa. @Azure@twitter.com region coming to my hometown. Latency sensitive apps... Hm... @awscloud@twitter.com when are you moving into Vancouver? Our customers are going to like a local presence. Competition is good.

I have a slight suspicion that OpenDNS must have presence in town based on latency...

It drives me nuts when people put the bridge code only in a calendar invite. Why not put it in a format that simply clickable and dialable? (Ie xxx-xxx-xxxx,, xxxxx). πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

It's my ! I have been on Twitter for 10 years, since 8 Jan 2010 (via @twi_age@twitter.com).

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Tonight, I’m incredibly excited to announce Network Static Analysis, a plugin-based library and CLI tool that brings static analysis concepts to network configuration data. It’s very much an alpha release, but I would love any feedback you may have.


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Project Sputnik keeps a rollin' -- Introducing the @Ubuntu@twitter.com-based 2020 XPS 13 Developer Edition -- up to 32GB of RAM, support for fingerprint reader + first-ever 4-sided InfinityEdge display (making it virtually borderless) buff.ly/2QlxACd

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