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And now The Unverified emerge, like the tiny mammals scurrying beneath the feet of fallen dinosaurs, to claim a new and changed world. twitter.com/itwasntandy/status

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Wouldn't it be funny if the inability to tweet for a few hours was the thing that finally pushed the orange one over the edge into complete meltdown?

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If you’re looking for a Jr /#Javascript developer either remote or NY / NJ, Pixi is looking for a role. Let’s see if we can’t help her start some conversations. twitter.com/thecodepixi/status

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I DON'T CARE WHEN KUBERNETES WAS RELEASED! Do you have the 12 years of experience? no? NEXT!

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Apple open sources bits of macOS code under MIT. Looks to me if you then agree to macOS EULA you can only run modifications of that code on Apple OS/hardware you own. That code is functionally not open source if you use macOS-you can't share patches or run on other OS/hardware.

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"It's just so good to be home." -

! Season 4 premieres July 26 at 10pm on @SYFY@twitter.com!

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Marvel: 'Infinity War' Is The Most Ambitious Crossover Event In History.
Me: Embind now works with Asyncify! github.com/emscripten-core/ems

TL;DR: if you're using Embind in Emscripten, you can now `.await()` on JavaScript Promises from C++!

A quick example: gist.github.com/RReverser/0c02

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Trump’s Tulsa speech was truly one for the history books.

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Need help pair programming? I put together a resource to help folks trying to speak linux commands out loud. 😸

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actually. I think I found the issue. init will only run the mount for the very first distro that you start (either after reboot or `wsl --shutdown`) When you have docker that will likely be the first distro to start so any subsequent distros won't get the mount

interesting. Seems docker is interfering with it. disabling the docker automatic integration seems to have fixed it (for now)

.@unixterminal@twitter.com have you managed to get directx gpu stuff working in WSL2? I'm currently booted using the MS-built kernel (not mine) but there are dmesg entries about `init` being unable to do some mounts for /usr/lib/wsl/drivers and /usr/lib/wsl/lib 😭😭😭

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Great news out of @ubuntu@twitter.com today. They've launched a new class of Ubuntu derivatives: specialised appliance images that do one thing beautifully. Ubuntu transform a or PC into a , self-updating solution, free of charge. ow.ly/GFae50A9g4D

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Read about the steps I went through to improve the of my Fakecam background removal app based on @BenTheElder@twitter.com's work. The is exclusive to the Store for . ow.ly/uxOZ50A6uyN

Check out my new, , Fakecam that removes your background, exclusive to the Store for ! Based on the work of @BenTheElder@twitter.com ow.ly/LWbs50A6tIg

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Got or questions for me? Let me know and I'll answer them LIVE tomorrow with @Kernellinux@twitter.com on air at @SELinuxFest@twitter.com!🐧Ask here or on discord.gg/geekbeacon

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