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How lighting conditions can induce a different per-frame exposure time in a camera and cause a stroboscopic + rolling shutter effect, well visualized by this gif [source: buff.ly/2X5Oo0i]

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View from the top of Broadcasting House.
The BT Tower needs resetting!

I’d love to think they’re in their own endless helpline queue nightmare, waiting for a technician...


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I'm now so obsessed with Bercow saying "Mr Peter Bone" that I've spent a period of time setting it to the opening of Beethoven's 5th. Brexit is literally driving me mad.

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Brexit votes result
*Everything has lost* Everything*
Parliament *votes against everything*

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Shout out to everyone who gives the "phonecall" icon prominence on their homescreen despite using it like three times a year

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it's somewhat difficult to see, but I'd like to challenge you to spot the moment I deployed a lighter database query into the production API servers on snapstats.org.

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When creating a new user, does anyone ever fill in "Room Number"? (Or indeed any of the other fields).

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This year Wil Wheaton will be as old as Patrick Stewart was when TNG premiered. You're welcome, fellow geezers.

I'm going to cry in a corner, like the old woman I am.

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Tony Blair: We were promised by the PM - and Vote Leave - that we'd know Britain's future relationship with the EU before Brexit.

MPs must reject a Painful No-deal Brexit, reject the PM's Pointless deal &, in light of all we now know, put the decision back to the People. RT ↓

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OMG OMG OMG. 135 pretty shoddy solder connections later, my new keyboard is ready!!! It’s a Minivan PCB, with Kailh Purple switches, and a custom made sandwich case. I’m SO happy with how it came out!!βœ¨πŸ’•

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ancient Chinese curse, "may you become the maintainer of a popular open-source project"

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You know, the @DnDBeyond Theme Song from @CriticalRole has been stuck in our heads for almost 2 months.

Don't believe us?

Click on our profile, and scroll back--reading the first word of each tweet. You'll know when to stop.

Oh..and it's Thursday, !


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