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How old were you when you finally realised that parsley and parsnip are the same plant?

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It's not a @LoxoneUK@twitter.com like @HampshireSmart@twitter.com would install, but I have smart lighting now 😁

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Born this century? You probably don’t remember Mosaic - the early web browser. We do. It’s perfectly preserved as a snap for . 23 years after the final release. Browse the web like it’s 1999!

snap install mosaic


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and people say voodoo isn't a real doctrine

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Copper is not magnetic but creates resistance in the presence of a strong magnetic field, resulting in momentarily stopping the magnet before it even touches the copper.

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I've yet to use *any* kind of VR system. This video serves as a good set of reasons why not, however fun it looks from inside the goggles. bit.ly/2MHrDx7

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Shadows to infinity. Cherishing the rare occasion when our orbit continually traces over the line of dawn and dusk on the Earth.

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As someone who overthinks a lot, I’ve made peace with the fact that I just love Star Wars. I watch the shitty ones and I love the great ones. I won’t apologize for enjoying nostalgic escapism. If I wanted new ideas I wouldn’t look to part 9 of anything.

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So Star Wars the Rise of Skywalker is every bit as awesome as I hoped it would be. I might even have shed a tear or two in a couple of places....

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func main() {
var val int

func f(i int) {
if i--; i == 0 {

this program prints:

[playground (spoilers) play.golang.org/p/JQSqP3yV3Et]

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I'm not procrastinating, I'm just running side quests

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We are finished for the part we need analytics. But rabid fans can keep going. Take a break. I sure know I need to for a bit. We are going to monitor how long we stay at these levels. YOU WERE ALL AMAZING. Can't wait to see the data.

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Got to share this awesome time in my life with my amazing Dad pictured here with me and my terrific Mom. Thanks for all the great times! Good night everyone. Xo @stargatecommand@twitter.com @bradtravelers@twitter.com

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