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On this day in 1995: Windows 95 launched

“Start Me Up” was its anthem:

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That feeling when you fall asleep watching a TV series online and then have to backtrack through all the episodes to figure out the last thing you actually remember

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it's pretty #cyberpunk how normal people talk about "The Algorithm" in conversation

I've done it! I've actually beaten the Lighthouse website audit game!!!

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Yes, I have been sitting on a toilet in a pizzeria for 10 minutes just because I am trying to upload this clip to twitter, what of it?

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The idea Greta Thunberg is a bad example because she skips school is so ludicrous.

When I skipped school I went to the video store and smoked cigarettes out of my bedroom window.

When Greta skips school she sails to New York to talk to the UN on the need to save life on Earth.

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pinging @jenmsft@twitter.com 'cos you're the first person I can remember whose twitter handle is an insider person :-p

Can a Microsoft Windows Insider point a colleague at aka.ms/AA5v7cd please? WSL 2 distros are exiting upon invocation with a message "Error 0xffffffff"

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I think this sums up WordPress in 2019:

- Install a plugin that promises to disable all the noisy admin notices.
- That plugin puts up a big admin notice begging for a review,

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Hey @TimiHealth@twitter.com. You might want to check your email. I'm going to hazard a guess and say this is probably not good.

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We've found it! The only developer in the world who made their website *too* accessible 😆

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