I've done it! I've actually beaten the Lighthouse website audit game!!!

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Yes, I have been sitting on a toilet in a pizzeria for 10 minutes just because I am trying to upload this clip to twitter, what of it?

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I think this sums up WordPress in 2019:

- Install a plugin that promises to disable all the noisy admin notices.
- That plugin puts up a big admin notice begging for a review,

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Hey @TimiHealth@twitter.com. You might want to check your email. I'm going to hazard a guess and say this is probably not good.

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We've found it! The only developer in the world who made their website *too* accessible πŸ˜†

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How the solar system actually travels through the galaxy 😍

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This was fun. Make your own Demolition Man receipt printer using Google Voice API. No need for the three seashells! twitter.com/themagpi/status/11

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Valkyrie will be revealed as an LGBTQ hero in THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER!

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I've never been more invested in a random internet cat succeeding

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TIL: `gray` is darker than `darkgray`.

Go home, CSS. You’re drunk.

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This son bought his dad a truck after his dad’s truck broke down. He’s not a NBA or NFL, DR. or a lawyer,hust a regular guy worked hard to get his dad a truck. This shows his appreciation. The gift just says THANKS DAD... I love you!

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