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We're back! Season 1 of our 13th episode, or something. Join @popey@twitter.com @marxjohnson@twitter.com amd @m_wimpress@twitter.com discussing @ubuntu@twitter.com and other news. Also, babies and bridges.


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A friend of a friend (recursive) made this to get crowd-sourced information on symptoms or lack thereof to track the spread of . covid.joinzoe.com/

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THIS THIS THIS OVER AND OVER AGAIN. THIS. Please watch and share. Brilliantly and simply put.

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Day 6 of Quarantine: C-Section went smooth. The Cuties are in great shape and mother is recovering

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Just in case quarantined Paris wasn’t disorientating enough: my neighbourhood was being used as a film set when the lockdown hit. Now the whole block has been left frozen in 1941

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In a surprise to many, both 8.04 and 8.10 wallpapers won through the initial selection, first rounds, quarter finals and now are through to the final. So, which was your favourite wallpaper of 2008!?

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Today, Jennifer Haller, a healthy mother of two, became the first person in history to test a potential vaccine for COVID-19. We owe her and 44 other people stepping up for human trials a debt of gratitude – may their bravery save many lives.

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Learn to code without even noticing in Selfless Heroes. Solve puzzles and help your heroes emerge victorious from the dungeon! Featuring multiple levels, end of level bosses and extra objectives. Give your heroes the AI to cooperate and win!

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Is anyone else’s brain so broken that you’re beating yourself up for not being productive enough about work during an unprecedented global pandemic πŸ‘‹πŸΌ 🀚🏽

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Can we all please agree that having a closing issues that the maintainer hasn't responded to is obnoxious BS?! If the maintainer really doesn't want to fix an issue then close it as WONTFIX. Don't just sweep bugs or features under the carpet to reduce open issue counts!

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On my interview with @killyourfm@twitter.com I said it's possible to go from nothing to a snap published in the Snap Store in under an hour. I decided to back my claim up and did it on video. Watch, later today. bit.ly/2TNKryy

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I started making some @ubuntu@twitter.com and @snapcraftio@twitter.com related videos on my personal YouTube channel. They're very low tech, unedited, unscripted and not at all professional. Amazingly though, some people enjoy them, and learn stuff. So that's nice.

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If you're interested in some of what makes and tick, feel free to subscribe and share with your.. uh.. "network" (ew). I'd appreciate it. Comments, suggestions and feedback is welcome 😻 youtube.com/popeydc

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what in the actual fudge?!

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Oh my god. As if this night could get any weirder twitter.com/kfile/status/12379

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If you ever need @popey@twitter.com to pope someone, or you need to pope @popey@twitter.com, please make sure you refer to it as a pope and not that silly word with a K. This is my TedTalk.

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Nothing is sexier then someone who holds the door open for others.

Especially into secure floors.

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