What if we used half of the mining reward for Universal Basic Income?
Could we say fuck work, and just spend our days working on what we love?

Happy Constantinople to all of you! May your security vulnerabilities always be caught on beta testing. May your upgrades always be uneventful and always on Thursday.

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Jáquers+pulgateca+diseño libre, mañana en Casa Canibal, con Alonso Fonseca

If you want to contribute to OpenZeppelin, you can review the draft contracts. Here is my review of the ERC20Snapshot draft:

Friends from automata.network and jaquerespeis have been helping when the pipelines break. But more contributors are always welcome to keep everything safe.
They will come handy because I'm thinking to go evil in 2020, you know, for a change ;)

Here are the builds from travis: travis-ci.org/elopio/ipfs-snap
This one already has plenty of testers for unstable channels, so you just go ahead and enjoy it:
$ sudo snap install ipfs

The ipfs snap is here: github.com/elopio/ipfs-snap
It has a special place in my heart because it was my first time maintaining something with that many users 😢 I've used it to experiment with many kinds of automated delivery, and it's now drama-free.

The parity snap is here: github.com/elopio/parity-snap , and it works from Travis almost the same as geth: travis-ci.org/elopio/parity-sn .
With the exception that there is also a release to the beta channel, and that it already has a very well tested stable release. Parity's Afri has full access.

This still needs a lot of testing before making the stable release. You can help by installing it with:
$ sudo snap install geth --candidate
$ sudo snap install geth --edge After many people confirm it works nicely, we can propose it upstream to see if they want to adopt it

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