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Travis does all the work here:
Every night it takes the latest commit from master and publishes it to the edge channel. If there is a new stable release, it publishes it to candidate.

I've just started playing with geth this week ( ) ), to make it easier for me to maintain the Zeppelin nodes. The packaging and CI is here:

The build and delivery is automated in , one pipeline takes every commit from the develop branch and pushes it to the edge channel, the other takes every release and pushes it to candidate.

The solc snap is owned by the solidity team, so they have full access and I'm just contributing testing the candidate releases and moving them to stable. The packaging info is in their repo:

No, but seriously, people should pay more attention to who their maintainers are. These snaps have thousands of active users. There is an inescapable relation of trust in there. So let me give you a summary of the continuous integration and delivery for this packages...

Now I'm maintaining the snaps for solc, geth, parity and ipfs. 🦹‍

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