If you are wondering what we are currently working on:
* The MIX group chat backend is almost finished and is currently being tested with ejabberd
* A QR-Code scanner is being integrated to allow easy logins and sharing of OMEMO keys later
* pep, the dependency of OMEMO is being implemented (about 50% finished)

P1: So eine Alexa würde ich mir niemals ins Wohnzimmer stellen!
Ich: Hast Du ein Handy?
P1: Ja, klar.
Ich: Hat das ein Mikrofon?
P1: Klar, das hat sogar viele!
Ich: Weißt Du, wie man die abstellt, ohne das Handy auszumachen?
P1: Nö?
Ich: Weißt Du welche Apps alle auf das Mikrofon zugreifen?
P1: Nö?
Ich: Kauf dir eine Alexa, vielleicht kann die dir erklären was dein Problem ist.

@UBports @ubports #ubuntutouch is getting better and better by a strong and friendly community 👍
The dark theme is my favorite 🤩

@ubports Install is very easy: UBPorts-installer takes care of every step, even on phone's end.

What's new in FluffyChat 11.10
Improved performance on app start
- Fixed two design bugs

#matrix #ubuntutouch

Remember ICQ? 🌸 We do! The latest release of the popular chat application is available for as an official snap!
Dust off your ID and password, and get chatting like it’s 1996!

snap install icq-im


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