Approximately ~73% of crowdfunders I have backed across nearly 8 years, have been successful and delivered a product. Of the others, ~3% were cancelled, ~9% didn't hit the target, and ~6% were successful but didn't deliver. Not bad going. I keep a public track of them in a makeshift spreadsheet -

@popey the crowdfund campaign for Planet X3 was achieved and closed before I even knew the 8-bit guy was running it 😂

I’m keeping an eye out for when he releases the digital version, and I hope there’s the opportunity to buy boxed physical copies later.

@popey that's not a bad hit rate if you were an investor. Sadly I've done less well because of a) backing less projects and b) backing the Jolla tablet.

@stsquad I've started to notice which ones are likely to be successful, but I don't always get that determination right :)

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