For 4 months I've been using "Standard Notes" as my note taking app. Free, open-source, syncs between devices and is encrypted. I *love* it. I chose to pay for the "Extended" version to support development. If you're after a note taking app, take a look.

There's no affiliate link here, I'm not getting anything out of recommending this application. I'm just a happy user and I know many people are seeking a great cross-platform note taking application.

@popey I moved to this from Google keep. The UI is not as fancy as Google, but I don't mind.
I'm pretty bad at taking notes anyway 😂
(Trying out the free version.)

+1 from me. It's brilliant. Definitely deserves some more exposure with the amount of people constantly on the lookout for this type of thing.

I have used Standard Notes in the past, and loved it! I recently switched to Joplin, and am definitely digging it even more: easy Nextcloud sync, encryption, cli application, and task reminders (which is vital for me!)

@montdor @popey yeah, +1 to Joplin. The development is reaching a very interesting phase right now, it's a solid option.

I had originally tried it a while back and it wasn't feature rich enough. Now, it has what I need/want and it's continuing to grow!

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