Recently when I type on my phone I hit the full stop button (to the right of space) instead of space. Which I have to keep correcting or it looks like I am mentioning random inaccessible domains, or that I can't type, or both. Dunno why this recently started happening. KB update?

@popey I get thebsame withbthebletter b itsbreallybannoying butbihave learnedbtocompensate!
But Ibstill lovebAnySoftKeyboardbanyway!

@popey Which keyboard do you use? Have the size changed?
I have been using SwiftKey for years with the same layout. Nothing have changed yet 😊😉

@Lembritt I use gboard and haven't personally changed anything. That doesn't mean it hasn't changed via software update.

@popey 🙈 I can't remember when I used the built in keyboard. Probably after the IPhone 4 release, got one for work and got really frustrated that I couldn't change the keyboard. Returned it to the boss one week later and switched back to Android

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