When creating a new user, does anyone ever fill in "Room Number"? (Or indeed any of the other fields).

Nope. Not once in my life. If there are enough users to make it worthwhile to have this information, it's time for LDAP

@popey Nope, would be interesting if I found a use for that info though. lol

@popey I've seen it used, back when finger(1) was functional and a way to look up information about other people. I think in the university, but might be wrong about that.

Otherwise I think it's an obsolete feature that's better provided by... home pages, mobile phone contact lists, etc.

@popey GECOS fields can be useful on shared systems (I don't use room number but would be a nice to have! which dept you are in is useful for our automated stats). I use the finger command dozens of times a day on a system with 3000 users on it.

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