First day back after Easter break. Computer decides one of my 1080p screens only runs at 1024x768 today. WTF?! Why!? (yes, I have rebooted)

@popey looks like a wayland issue but i'm guessing this is xorg
so you might need to put it in it's place with xrandr

@popey you tried swapping the monitors around? Guessing one is HDMI and other VGA? Can you discount little fingers on monitor config buttons?

@acesabe They're both HDMI, but one is via a displayport adapter (not the one with the issue). I will try swapping though. Not sure that will tell me anything. The monitors themselves are identical.

@popey well we both know it's probably some userland local config borkage which will need to be nuked, but it's best to discount any unexpected hardware anomalies first coz you never know! Maybe try adding test acc to your machine and check you can get a working config with that?

@popey old school.

Time to install Ubuntu 6.06 and chill.

A co-worker recently said he wanted to update to 8.04, and we honestly weren't sure if he wanted to say 18.04 or was actually still on 6.06

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