Every so often I want to take some notes, and make them public. Not blog posts, but technical notes. Not private things, but something others might find handy. Almost like a personal single-user wiki. Anyone done this? Something simple, secure and self hosted, so not github gists

@popey something I haven't tried myself, but I see others talking about and want to try are Jupyter notebooks. Seems like they might fit the bill.

@popey Hugo is a static site generator that is quick and easy. I use it for all my sites. All you need for hosting is a web server. If you're fancy, set up some CI to deploy and git push to your personal wiki glory.

@popey opensource pastebin for self-hosting, also has a cli client for easy pasting of text.

@popey Have you looked into Jekyll? Been using it for my blog and unless you want to get into theming it's really easy to get going.

The quickest ever way is:
It's instant. But it's not for structured set of notes. More a 1 off.

@ianp5a that's a good suggestion! I hadn't considered fgat

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