I have never seen a marketing video for a terminal before. I didn't expect Microsoft to be the first to do it, and do it so well..

@popey I was impressed...Not going to be out until June..was going to rush and throw it on my work machine right away..

@tapple @popey source is already on github if you want to do your own build...

@popey That looks remarkably like gnome terminal with a dark theme...

@popey Not sure if I'm onboard with the video itself -- its style seems to be made to appeal to the inner city youth. Although, I suppose, if you work for Microsoft, then you hire from the pool of talent that's available to you, and not from the one you might have or you wish you might have, to borrow from Donald Rumsfeld. Let's just hope that the built-in terminal does not go the way of Paint soon.

@popey Microsoft product launch videos have been really good lately (surface studio comes to mind).

@popey still not a good enough reason for me to praise the company

@popey see, the problem here is that none of the open sourcing that #Microsoft does actually matters to end users, they just want to win back developers so that more people will buy their proprietary crap

so I really don't think they deserve the praise, no matter how much their marketing team worked on their videos

@popey wait a couple of years and new people will start saying that Unix copied all of this terminal stuff.

@popey hehe, imagine being the ad people who have to make that ad and they're just going "ok.... so what the fuck are we even selling, some nerd shit?"

@popey I hope this one will have that just invented, innovative new 'history' feature.

Mind you all ever do in it is type 'bash' :-)

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