In 2017 I backed the Clockwork GameShell on Kickstarter. Now it's available via Amazon. Runs @debian , is a great kit to hack on 👩‍💻 has WiFi, 1200mAh battery, great display, and is a super portable retro gaming rig 🎮 Worth a look.

@popey that's exactly the device I'm looking for! I wonder if I'll be able to put lutris on it!

@popey sounds great on paper but I guess it depends on what your expectations are, the 1 star review is worth reading on the Amazon page before considering shelling out your hard earned...

@acesabe I read that and it's far from accurate. It took minutes to dump roms on over the network. It doesn't require ssh, you can use samba and browse to it in a file manager easily. I'm surprised they're so negative because I had zero issues. I was surprised how easy it was.

@popey good to hear, best make sure you add your review as anyone like me would certainly be put off reading a review like that one, and it looks genuine as opposed to competition slating..

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