One reason I prefer the ThinkPad TrackPoint over a trackpad is scrolling. Turns out not everyone knows you can hold the middle mouse button and use TrackPoint to smoothly & precisely scroll in 4 directions. Keeps hands on the keys too. ❤️ 💻

@popey I wish I had a a trackpoint on my external keyboard (I have a Unicomp Ultra Classic).

They do have a TrackPoint on their Endura Pro model; but I heard it's not good, and it also only has two buttons, so not that useful.

@juliank Yeah, I have been tempted by those keyboards before. But missing the 3rd button kills it.

@popey one reason I love ThinkPad track point over HP track point, the middle mouse button. With just left and right buttons why do they even have a track point! 😱😡

Much prefer the IBM nipple over a trackpad any day. Absolutely hate trackpads. Personal laptop does not have the nipple, so I have to have a mouse on hand if I am doing any real work on it.

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