Do people still use ASCII scissors in emails to denote "snip" these days? I just used it and thought I'd not seen others utilise this for some while.


@popey I honestly wouldn't have known what that was if you hadn't explained it 😀


I think that it's something that you should make popular again. ✂️ vs ----8<-----

@popey Short answer: "No". Longer answer: haven't seen it much since the confusing mess of top and bottom posted replies and quoting i.e. since Outlook i.e. since forever.

@popey I don't remember doing that, I guess now you can have unicode scissors ✀✂✄

@popey I'm 27 and I've never seen that. I only remember people using [snip] on web forums but never scissors

@popey I used this a while ago (albeit with coworkers in a not particularly technological field) and was asked what ‘minus, minus, eight, less-than, minus, minus’ meant!

@popey I do too. But I also get yelled at when I remove all colours from outlook conversations and try teach people proper quoting the hard way ;-)

@popey That is new to me as well. Never seen it utilized before this.

@popey Yes. C-c M-m in Gnus/mu4e produces:

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---
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