I started using back in 2005. The community around the project was a key factor for me. I've used it ever since and even got hired at Canonical back in 2011. So many people worked to build Ubuntu into what it is today. Thank you all, it's been a wild ride so far!

I've been running @ubuntumate on my Entroware laptop for a good long while now and it's been great.
I'm very grateful for the hard work that goes into these distros.

@ChrisWere I love Ubuntu MATE. Both my nVidia equipped gaming machines run it, and an old ThinkPad X61s rocks MATE :)

@popey I've been on/off love/hate with Ubuntu since Hoary/Warty way back in 2004 when first boot didn't even bring up X (for me lol). To be fair since return to Gnome it's been a pretty good work machine for me. Many 3rd party apps have .deb Ubuntu apps so don't have to use the dreaded winderz!
Even my old mum uses it so can't be too bad!

@popey I started using it in 2007. I recall downloading Gutsy Gibbon.

It was magical. and computing was never the same for me again.

I stumbled upon the ubuntuforums when I needed help with something, it was great.

Here's to hoping I'll get a job at canonical at some time. 😁️

P.S. I love listening to your podcasts Mr. Pope even if we don't agree on a lot of things. Keep up the awesome work!

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