Mentioned to Sam (13) that I'm going out. Told him I got an email inviting me to a party.

Him: "You got an *email* for a birthday!? Wow! You're so old!"
Me: "Uh okay"
Him: "Nobody uses email. It's just for resetting passwords for online accounts. Use WhatsApp or text, old man!"

@popey Call me when carrier pigeons come back into style!

But also that makes me feel SUPER old as I'm not even up to the getting invitations via email yet.

@popey I think email is pretty cool. Especially with GPG key and stuff like that. Maybe I'm just nerdy

@popey Must be really banking on a future where we all use Matrix or something. Until then, though, still working with emails...

@popey Tell him all the cool kids need email for Delta Chat

Lol. Ask him how you backup WhatsApp messages in a readable format for a good laugh :-)

@popey But but but... If you need an email to update your password for Whatsapp to get an invite, by using email to get the invite directly you are skipping the middle man!

I don't know how to send out, say 50 invites individually by any other way. Imagine creating a Telegram group, adding 50 people, and then trying to sort the accept/decline replies from the chatter.

I'm open to learn though.

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