r/linux really is a shithole. Someone announces a new release of a prominent open source application (Blender) and the only thing the peanut gallery can argue about is which packaging system was FIRST!!!111one..
It's no wonder eyes roll when people talk about a Linux "community"

@popey but isn’t r/*anything the same... I visit “my” spot every week or so, but have nothing I can usefully contribute.

@popey which packaging sounds a lot like which distro 😂

@popey Don't worry this time it was about packaging, but next time it will be about the systemd or what distro everyone should use or the best desktop environment or the endless fight between X, Wayland or Mir.

@popey Great observation. I wrote a brief article there a few years ago and ended up writing more words in the comments to explain and defend my OP.

@popey dont mistake corporate censored centralized reddit as “community “ owned by Verizon/Yahoo/Oauth . Not a real discussion there, imho

@popey I quite like the community.
I think it's lovely that on /r/linux4noobs people spend their time handing out free advice.

@popey This is something very human and something you will find exist within every community of anything. Be it flowers, birds or a Linux kernel.

This is generally what nerdism is all about. ;)

@popey I use Arch!

But seriously, there has always been a lot of tribalism in the Linux community rather than attempts to de-dupe efforts and work together to make FOSS as a whole, better. Perhaps this an an area that Ubuntu has done well in some respects from the get go, build an open inclusive community.
I reckon if someone comes up with a universal package management system and system choice selection at install time, all this tribalism might go away....

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