This is my Desktop "Workflow". Nobody asked for this, but inspired by a recent @ChrisWere video where he showed his Linux desktop.

@popey @ChrisWere I would love to make a video about my Current set up bit it would be "i use a tiler" and that would be the end of it

@popey I’m running Pop at the moment, and haven’t really given Ubuntu a good go since Unity. I might have to put it on one of my machines for an extended period once 20.04 is released.

@popey This made me miss Unity even more. I'm not a fan of Gnome Shell, but I may give the Ubuntu version a shot, just to see if it's any better than my experience with vanilla.

inspiring video, I really like your desktop timelapse and kind of regret I never did that.
Furthermore nice to see the extensions you use.

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