Time to let off some steam with OpenSpades!
I'm going to chase down @Wimpy with a spade (and a gun).
Gonna play on my "Good vs Evil" (I will of course, be Evil) server. Join us and have some fun with spades. (snap install openspades ;) )

@popey @Wimpy Never heard of OpenSpades. But...

GPL'd - check
Shooter - check
In the Snap store -check

Will definitely check it out. Thanks!

@distrotube @popey @Wimpy It’s really fun. I’m at work now but later I’ll be logging in.

@distrotube @Wimpy It's also in AUR I think. It's pretty hilarious for an old game. Quite a niche audience :)

@popey @Wimpy Unfortunately, this game will not launch on Arco. I tried the snap, the standard AUR package, and the git AUR package. All segfault upon launching. Reading the comments about it on the AUR site, it's been like this for some time.

@distrotube @Wimpy Huh. Never tried Arco. I'll spin it up in a VM and try to debug. What GPU you using there?

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