My ThinkPad X220 was last clean-installed with 14.04 in 2015 and has since been upgraded through many releases. Just upgraded it to 20.04, and Unity is still wonderful. 😍 Just needs s Yaru theme to finish it off πŸ˜‚

@popey when is 20.04 actually being released? I know it's in beta at the moment.

@popey To "avoid the rush" I went ahead and installed the beta on my HP cheapo laptop last week (went from 18.04 to it) and it's pretty nice. I will say though, that to get the Yaru "extras" in that I need the user-theme gnome extension to get the Yaru-Dark shell theme for things like the Calendar dropdown from the top panel. I always install the Gnome Tweak Tool by default, but may look into what the default 20.04 can offer in that area later on once it's out of beta soon.

@douginamug IIRC it will so long as you keep the system up to date around the timeframe when the full release comes out. Once this happens, I also plan on changing the "Check for new releases' to LTS only so as not to roll upward outside of LTS once it's final.
I think @popey may also have info on that aspect as well as I am only going by what I've heard in passing.

@douginamug @DonMcCollough Sure. Just keep updating and you'll be on 20.04 on Thursday (some time).

@popey one of the people in my project group at University has an X220, though he uses Arch, btw. πŸ˜›οΈ

The other has a T450s. I'm a huge fan of that computer, what an excellent machine! I'm thinking of replacing my 2013 Asus Zenbook with one of those.

I think it's awful Lenovo has started making its successors without the removable battery.

@RasmusLindegaard The X220 is a great machine. I'm tempted to get a couple more :D

@popey I honestly detest the 'old' lenovo keyboards... Recall your recent UserError episode, where you mentioned the feel of a fork grinding over your teeth? ( πŸ˜›οΈ ) thinking about describing the feel of those exact laptop keyboards brings that part of your podcast to mind...

Sorry about that, wasn't a nice thing to mention, was it? 😬️

Did you actually like Unity, or were you one of those who rejoiced when Ubuntu changed back to Gnome?

@RasmusLindegaard I loved Unity and still do. It's faster and has better UX than most other desktop environments.

@popey I concur. I was one of those who thought it was an upgrade. And though Mr. Wimpress and co. has done an excellent job turning Gnome 3 into something usable (20.04 really does look good) I am not certain that Unity did not have more potential.

Anyhow, it does look rather aged these days, it's funny how quickly that happens πŸ˜›οΈ

@popey @RasmusLindegaard
Out of general curiousity, what is your current favourite desktop environment or window manager?

@popey I thought Ubuntu dropped unity, and was back to gnome with a unity theme?

@douginamug Yes. That's right. Ubuntu dropped the Unity DE back in 18.04 LTS release. However, @popey 'upgraded' his pre-existing Ubuntu 14.04 installation on the ThinkPad to Ubuntu 20.04. It wasn't a 'clean install'. Hence, he still has the Unity DE.

@sudo @douginamug Uh. No. That's not entirely accurate. You can clean install 20.04 and install Unity on top. It's still in the repo, and never went away. It's just not the default and not actively developed.

@popey @douginamug Oops! My mistake. Thanks for pointing it out, though. πŸ˜„ πŸ‘

@douginamug We did, but it's still in the Ubuntu archive, and still installable. Just like lots of old, unmaintained software ;)

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