Considering shutting down the Ubuntu dot Social mastodon instance. It was a fun experiment, but it's way too much effort (and cost) to maintain. Need to think carefully about the future of it.

@popey Why not try migrating to Pleroma ? It's more lightweight. A lot more.

@popey bummer, but I understand.

Did you get much Ubuntu discussion on the local feed?

There were rumors that Discourse was looking at ActivityPub support. It might be better to look there since there is already a bunch of Ubuntu discussion on Discourse.

@popey Will you be still on Mastodon, though? You could consider joining another instance. It would be sad to see you go. 😔

@popey How is it expensive? Surely you could put it on a cheap shared host and it'd be fine.
Why's it difficult to maintain? There shouldn't be much issue with moderation as it's closed to everyone not involved with Ubuntu. Mastodon just update too much?
I think still supports OStatus to be compatible with GNU social v1.20.x -- which, GSv2 is coming out soon I hear which fully supports ActivityPub.

Maybe also open up the instance to paying Ubuntu Podcast fans?

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