The C: defrag status on my Dell Latitude XPi P133 running Windows 98 is old enough to vote. If I leave it much longer, it'll be old enough to drink in the USA! This seems like an unwise course of action. I think I should defragment it forthwith.

Nipples! Just arrived in the post. A Christmas present for each of my ThinkPads. 🎄💻

I'm going to do another informal live stream on YouTube this afternoon.
Today, a bit of noodling around in 19.10 and seeing how to file bugs (if we find any) ;)

Another quick live stream coming up in 5 mins from me. More 19.10 testing, and some behind the scenes information.

T-5 days until 19.10 is released. So today I'm doing some more testing of the various flavour images. I'll be live streaming in about 30 mins. Join me over on YouTube for a bit if you can. 👋

My Android device gives the best advice! Clear up those memes!

Been play(test)ing Cecconoid from @korruptor on . It's a brutally hard 8-bit inspired, flick-screen, twin-stick-shooter 🎮 I *love* it. You might too. It'll be out soon I'm told on Itch and Steam.

Woohoo! Just upgraded my main ThinkPad T450 from 16GB to 24GB. Another 16GB module arriving next week to take it to 32GB. The specs say it can only take 16GB (2x8GB), but there are reports online 32GB (2x16GB) works. So far so good! 🍾 Time to open a few more Chrome tabs! 🤣

One reason I prefer the ThinkPad TrackPoint over a trackpad is scrolling. Turns out not everyone knows you can hold the middle mouse button and use TrackPoint to smoothly & precisely scroll in 4 directions. Keeps hands on the keys too. ❤️ 💻

Been noodling around on my ThinkPad X220 today. Originally it had 14.04.5 installed then upgraded through 16.04, 18.04, all the way to 19.04. Still rocking Unity which works brilliantly on this 8 year old machine. :)

Today, the Riot Chat developers released 1.2.0 of their secure desktop communication client. So this evening I packaged it up as a snap to make it super easy to install. Enjoy :)

snap install riot-web

Visit for more details.

Razer announce the sunset of Ouya service in June. I backed the Ouya, and while they made (plenty of) mis-steps, it was a fun device with a good bunch of playable local multi-player games. Me & the kids have some happy memories playing Towerfall, No Brakes Valet and Bombsquad.

In 2017 I backed the Clockwork GameShell on Kickstarter. Now it's available via Amazon. Runs @debian , is a great kit to hack on 👩‍💻 has WiFi, 1200mAh battery, great display, and is a super portable retro gaming rig 🎮 Worth a look.

The @Puri_sm Librem One saw quite surprising growth starting at 9pm BST (8pm GMT) on 15th May. Very odd numbers. Can someone explain this, another abnormal leap?

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