Good morning internet from beautiful Malta. A sizable chunk of Canonical are here for an Engineering Sprint. As a remote worker, it's great to get together with colleagues (and friends) in the same place to get stuff done. Even better in a pretty location by the sea :)

Just had some re-heated left-overs, which reminded me...I love chicken wings. Saturday night especially so. I'm keen to know how other people do theirs. I tend to do this. 1) Break wings into flats & drumettes, 2) cover in mix of spices (usually home made, sometimes a packet), 3) coat in flour/egg/flour (sometimes spices in the flour too), 4) place wings on greaseproof paper in a tray in the oven, 5) Turn after 20 mins, 6) Another 20 mins, pour warm bbq sauce and back in oven for 10 mins. Done.

Wifey wasn't feeling well, so I popped to the shop for provisions. She asked for a magazine to curb the boredom. For some reason she didn't like the ones I selected :(

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