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Hey KDE using friends.. This launcher dooh-dah. When I launch apps, they move. E.g. launched zenkit (purple diamond icon) and it moved from top to bottom. This is bugging me but I can't find out how to stop it happening. halp

Getting an exclusive view of @Wimpy 'unboxing' something! Not your average unboxing video, is this.

Just pushed the latest Android Studio (3.4) to the Snap Store \o/. Grab the freshest release and get developing apps for Android in a snap! :D

This Dropbox email uses a ... clown car (!?) to explain new limitations being imposed on free users.The goal being to use this to upsell paid plans.
Interesting symbolism there.

Huh! Then I get the same survey prompt some time later on my Windows 10 machine. Is that common? To get the Valve Hardware Survey on multiple machines you own on the same day?

Well hello again there mister Valve Hardware Survey. Why yes, of course I'd love to participate. <3

Tunnock's Tea Cakes are the fastest consumed product ever to enter our house. Once the shopping is delivered, you can be sure there will be an empty box *in* *the* *drawer* within ~24 hours. Slightly longer if I sneak them in and nobody happens to notice. Just us?

Uhm. Is this my browser (Firefox) doing an early April Fool's joke?

... over lunch, upgraded to Disco (19.04) and everything is awesome ...

This morning I upgraded my laptop from 18.04 LTS to 18.10. It was smooth as silk, and I love the new updates, but no time to waste, onwards to Ubuntu Disco (19.04)!

I get these from time to time. People asking me to hand over my ID on various platforms... :)

When creating a new user, does anyone ever fill in "Room Number"? (Or indeed any of the other fields).

Ooh! UK Linux User Groups website has had a long-needed refresh. Good to see the make-over. We last refreshed it about 12 years ago!

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