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Pick lets you pick colours 🎨 from anywhere on your screen. Zoom 🔎 all the way into pixels to pick just the right one. Show your colours in your choice of format. Available in the Snap Store for

snap install pick-colour-picker

@juliank Yeah, I have been tempted by those keyboards before. But missing the 3rd button kills it.

One reason I prefer the ThinkPad TrackPoint over a trackpad is scrolling. Turns out not everyone knows you can hold the middle mouse button and use TrackPoint to smoothly & precisely scroll in 4 directions. Keeps hands on the keys too. ❤️ 💻

Ugh. I just said "outcomes and learnings" out loud. Now I feel dirty. I'm so, so sorry.

@jordan31 @DistroJunkie @Wimpy @marxjohnson Don't get me wrong, some distros need to exist, but they don't necessarily need to be installed :)

@DistroJunkie @Wimpy @marxjohnson Also, some would argue Ubuntu shouldn't exist, and I have seen that said online. Yet Ubuntu is a gateway for many people - sure they may move on to other distros, but Ubuntu has more users than most other distros put together. If it didn't exist, what happens to those millions of users?

@DistroJunkie @Wimpy @marxjohnson "Actually" Hannah Montana Linux absolutely needed to exist as a test area for Wayland. It might not be so needed now, but it certainly was needed at the time.

@acesabe You should read it, no, it's not that easy.

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Mark, Alan and Martin from Ubuntu Podcast have each been working on a secret coding challenge. All is revealed before a live audience at FOSS Talk Live 2019!

I think I like Magic Wormhole a little too much. It's so useful for whizzing files or entire folders around. It's handy as you don't have to punch holes in firewalls or deal with NAT.

Finished first day of working in Montreal, preparing for another @snapcraftio Summit. We have invited ~40 guests to work together on making Linux application delivery better. We also have IoT and robotics experts coming too. Going to be a busy week ahead.

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To celebrate the 4.2 release, we're having a 50% off sale of Digital Atelier tutorials and brushes, now at € 19,95!

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Thanks to the folks at Linux Academy we got a recording of the Texas Linux Fest 19 Keynote about the state of Linux today. Great talk by Thomas Cameron.

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