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Multipass 1.0 – A mini-cloud on your Mac or workstation multipass.run/

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Access all your favourite iCloud apps directly from the desktop with this simple app. iCloud for Linux can securely access your calendar, contacts, notes, mail and more.

snap install icloud-for-linux


Mentioned to Sam (13) that I'm going out. Told him I got an email inviting me to a party.

Him: "You got an *email* for a birthday!? Wow! You're so old!"
Me: "Uh okay"
Him: "Nobody uses email. It's just for resetting passwords for online accounts. Use WhatsApp or text, old man!"

Nipples! Just arrived in the post. A Christmas present for each of my ThinkPads. πŸŽ„πŸ’»

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Looking to design your own city and prove you know better than local town planners? Micropolis is the original city simulation game πŸŒƒ πŸŒ† πŸŒ‡

snap install micropolis


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41 years ago today, Acorn Computers Ltd was formed. Re-live the fun of their greatest creation, the BBC Micro on with "b2" - an authentic and feature-packed emulator! bit.ly/2Pte84P

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Standard Notes is a simple and private notes app for . It syncs your notes securely across all your devices, including your Android devices, Windows, iOS, and the Web.

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Black Friday Special Offer! πŸ€‘ Exclusive **Free** Download of the Desktop & Server operating system! 😘 Share it with your colleagues, family, friends and pets! 😺

I'm doing a live stream in about 10 mins about Focal Fossa. Grab a beverage and some questions and we'll have a noodle around in the development release that will become 20.04 LTS.

@boilingsteam It's interesting data for sure, but very small set. I don't doubt there has been some growth in arch and Manjaro user base over the last year but very confident they haven't overtaken Ubuntu, not by a couple of orders of magnitude. Fun data though.

@boilingsteam I would assert that Arch and Manjaro (which show some growth) have atypical users compared to (for example) Ubuntu. Given the number of configs/systems hasn't grown tremendously (indeed has shrunk) the proportions don't necessarily point to the conclusion you drew? Perhaps it's a leap to form the conclusion when drawing from such a small sample?

@boilingsteam I saw the totals, which average around 1500 per month across the year. So likely fewer people than 1500 as some enthusiast Linux users will likely have more than one pc? Nobody has less than one. There are "enthusiast users" who contribute reports, getting involved. Then there are vast numbers of non contributor "users" who silently use the system, play the games, and never feedback or contribute.

@boilingsteam Just so we have this clear. The numbers along the top are total numbers of people who contributed reports to protondb each month, and which distro they reported about, right? So on average over the year, around 1500 people across all those distros, reported on the status of various games. Is it people? Or is it reports?

@ewon_c I was doing a set of tests on a second disk rather than my main install.

Pro-tip! Don't eject your laptop from the docking station while running... when the boot disk is *in* the docking station. I thought the disk had failed when it went "read-only" and the desktop crashed. Nope, disk didn't fail, it literally disappeared! :D Whoopsie.

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