Been off work for 3 weeks due to life changing event (see bio, don't want to talk about it). Looking forward to getting back into work-life after the long break. Excited to hear about what happened while I was off. Super thrilled about stuff we worked on getting announced soon 🎉

My son (13) has been using lockdown to improve his CS:GO and Rocket League skills. He makes little montages of clips and puts them on YouTube. I'm impressed given he edits them on his school provided iPad! Give him a sub if you like that kind of thing. ❤️

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It's been a while since we toured the Snap Store, and we thought you'd be interested in a fresh batch of cool, fun and useful applications that can help you perfect your daily digital activities. Without further ado, let's have a look.

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Check out my new, , Fakecam that removes your background, exclusive to the Store for ! Based on the work of

@penguin42 I am confident it's fine. It's only my media box, so it's just movies / photos / music etc. I have all of that elsewhere I think. :D

Just converted a 2-disk Linux MD RAID 1 array to a 4-disk MD RAID 5 array, online, with just a couple of commands. Now I get to watch it reshape with "watch cat /proc/mdstat". Better than Netflix, this is.

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Today on #100DaysToOffload I talk about some of the #podcasts I listen to. It includes a new one with @popey and a smattering of Self Hosted talk that may interest you @Meatball

Take a read here: and then treat your ears to something great by taking a listen.

What are some of your favourite podcasts?

@RasmusLindegaard I loved Unity and still do. It's faster and has better UX than most other desktop environments.

@RasmusLindegaard The X220 is a great machine. I'm tempted to get a couple more :D

@douginamug @DonMcCollough Sure. Just keep updating and you'll be on 20.04 on Thursday (some time).

@douginamug We did, but it's still in the Ubuntu archive, and still installable. Just like lots of old, unmaintained software ;)

@sudo @douginamug Uh. No. That's not entirely accurate. You can clean install 20.04 and install Unity on top. It's still in the repo, and never went away. It's just not the default and not actively developed.

My ThinkPad X220 was last clean-installed with 14.04 in 2015 and has since been upgraded through many releases. Just upgraded it to 20.04, and Unity is still wonderful. 😍 Just needs s Yaru theme to finish it off 😂

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