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Canonical & Dell want to give everyone the best experience on , especially when you're developing software. Help us better understand how you use Ubuntu. This survey is open until 31/5 to gather feedback & results will follow shortly afterwards.

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So I’m listening to the @ubuntupodcast and they were talking about advocating Linux on the desktop (great episode, highly recommended)

Anyway, that got me thinking - at what point would Ubuntu be considered a distro in its own right and no longer a fork of Debian?

Personally, I feel it surpassed the title of “fork” a long time ago, as they’re two completely different OSs.

What do you guys think? Is Ubuntu an OS in its own right, or will it always be a fork of Debian?

I have never seen a marketing video for a terminal before. I didn't expect Microsoft to be the first to do it, and do it so well..

After nearly a week, the @purism "Librem One" crowdfunder almost reaches 50%. I just noticed they have a "competitive chart" with Librem 5 up against HTC, OnePlus and Samsung flagships. Bold. I look forward to side by side comparisons at launch of the Librem 5!

Growth in backers to the @purism Librem One campaign between 30/04/19 and 03/05/19. From 154 to 1654 in under 4 days. No idea which level each person backed at, because ironically Purism aren't open with that data on the site.

Just finished watching Captain Marvel and Avengers Endgame back-to-back! I no longer need to avoid spoilers! Phew!

While @danrabbit Joe and @popey are at Linux Fest NorthWest, a new User Error show is out! This week, "abandonware", software packaging choices, why hardware support on Linux is terrible, objectivity and the big blue room. Listen now!

Every so often I want to take some notes, and make them public. Not blog posts, but technical notes. Not private things, but something others might find handy. Almost like a personal single-user wiki. Anyone done this? Something simple, secure and self hosted, so not github gists

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Eric is a full featured Python 🐍 editor and IDE, designed to be usable as an everyday editor as well as being usable as a professional project management tool. Available in the snap store for

Cool application proposal from Allan Day over on the @gnome discourse. Can anyone help by getting on board with development?

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Over on our YouTube channel 📺 we've published some ~long-form "Snapcraft Live" videos. What should we do next? 🤔Do reply with suggestions!

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YaCy is an open source, peer-to-peer search engine and intranet search appliance. Easily installed and setup as a snap for #ubuntu. Run a decentralized search engine on your own hardware in minutes.

snap install yacy-search tweeted by @ubuntu

First day back after Easter break. Computer decides one of my 1080p screens only runs at 1024x768 today. WTF?! Why!? (yes, I have rebooted)

This Technology Connections video speaks to my love of old, reliable toasters.

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Sharing in case you happen to find yourself in the Bogota (Colombia) area the following Saturday (27/04) and want to listen to me speak in front of an audience.

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