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@popey Yes. C-c M-m in Gnus/mu4e produces:

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---
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The next Application Summit is coming up in November! 👩‍🏫
Members who are considering attending can apply for support from the Ubuntu Community Donations fund! 💰


Registration for LAS is now open, and you can apply for travel sponsorship until September 13th!

Learn more:


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@diddledan @killyourfm @popey I've been promised a product "in a later batch" in the past from someone closely associated with the company. The product never arrived, nor was there evidence the earlier batch ever shipped. I wouldn't believe a word until real backers have the device in their hands.

My Android device gives the best advice! Clear up those memes!

My "Internet friend" Taras Young has written a book - "Nuclear War in the UK". It's out on October 9th, and available for pre-order now. I've just ordered my own copy. If the cold war, nuclear threats & publications interest you, maybe take a look. 🚀 🇬🇧

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@popey It's disabled by default in some distros but if you go to Settings > Preferences > Shortcuts you should be able to find and set it.

This probably already exists and you all know it but I don't, so I'm asking. Sometimes I want to "Select All" in a terminal (usually GNOME Terminal). Is there some magic key-combo I can use to select all the existing history for copying to another place? Currently mouse-selecting

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Introducing the Snap Store Proxy - designed to overcome challenges presented by restricted networks and management policies when using snaps in the enterprise.

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Roam free on the Internet! Tootle is a Mastodon microblogging network client with real-time notifications and support for multiple accounts.

snap install tootle

Do people still use ASCII scissors in emails to denote "snip" these days? I just used it and thought I'd not seen others utilise this for some while.


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Yesterday, Warzone2100 3.3.0 was released. The first stable release for over 2 years. There's been a ton of updates since then! You can get it now from the snap store!

Been play(test)ing Cecconoid from @korruptor on . It's a brutally hard 8-bit inspired, flick-screen, twin-stick-shooter 🎮 I *love* it. You might too. It'll be out soon I'm told on Itch and Steam.

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gcompris is a multi-activity educational game for kids aged 2 to 10. Activities range from computer discovery, arithmetic, science, games, reading and more. Get gcompris from the snap store, for the little people in your life!

snap install gcompris

Ever want to save a web page for later offline 🤓 viewing? You should try monolith! It's 🆕! It saves 💾 everything in one html file. It's written in Rust! It's a snap! Here's a quick demo.

I love the film Back to the Future. I also love the video game Half-Life. Someone made a good thing by combining them.

So many times I see/hear people in the Linux community say something like: "I don't use that, nobody I know uses that, nobody uses that". It's infuriating that with a sample size of near-zero they claim *nobody* uses a particular tool/technology. People then parrot this nonsense.

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Instantly translate between over 90 languages with Translatium. The handy open-source translation companion. Featuring language detection, phrasebooks, camera translation and more!

snap install translatium

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We have updated the featured applications in Software. Have a browse and find something new today.

Woohoo! Just upgraded my main ThinkPad T450 from 16GB to 24GB. Another 16GB module arriving next week to take it to 32GB. The specs say it can only take 16GB (2x8GB), but there are reports online 32GB (2x16GB) works. So far so good! 🍾 Time to open a few more Chrome tabs! 🤣

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