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I'm doing a live stream in about 10 mins about Focal Fossa. Grab a beverage and some questions and we'll have a noodle around in the development release that will become 20.04 LTS.

Pro-tip! Don't eject your laptop from the docking station while running... when the boot disk is *in* the docking station. I thought the disk had failed when it went "read-only" and the desktop crashed. Nope, disk didn't fail, it literally disappeared! :D Whoopsie.

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Glimpse, the fork of the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is now available in the Snap Store for . The editor is in the 'edge' channel, indicating it might not be stable for daily use yet. Give it a spin!

snap install glimpse-editor --edge

Friday is User Error day! This week:
✅ - Better Art
✅ - FOSS == Veganism?
✅ - TV ownership
✅ - Coffee construction
✅ - Disk Hoarding (again)
✅ - Forgiveness
With Daniel, Joe and me wiggling my tongue left and right

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We've published a super-simple cut-out-and-keep guide to the ways developers can run to build snaps. We also highlighted new methods which are in-development. Worth bookmarking, if you're building snaps!

I started using back in 2005. The community around the project was a key factor for me. I've used it ever since and even got hired at Canonical back in 2011. So many people worked to build Ubuntu into what it is today. Thank you all, it's been a wild ride so far!

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Bombs! Land mines! Sticky bombs! Boxing gloves! Ice bombs! TNT!
BombSquad is a lively 8-player party game. Blow up your friends in mini-games ranging from capture-the-flag to hockey. 💣💣💣

snap install bombsquad

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There’s a full moon 🌕 tomorrow! Watch out for Werewolves! 15.10 went End Of Life over 40 full moons ago! Time to upgrade or reinstall those Wily systems! Learn how, here:

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BeeBEEP is a secure, free, open source office messenger and file sharing app for . Instantly connect with others on your network. Encrypted messages are delivered directly, no servers involved.

snap install beebeep

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Did you know 💡 that you can run 🐧 packages 📦 in on ? I've done a lot of hard work 👷‍♀️ enabling support. I've been documenting ✍ on the Forum at I want to make this easier via a click-n-go system 🔜

I say this while sat in my car, in a car park, waiting for one of the child units to complete training. Tethering to my cellphone, ssh'ed back to home, running jobs on a machine back there saves my battery here, and gets stuff done there. Double whammy :)

ssh is probably the most underrated tool I use every day. The capability for me to sit basically anywhere on the planet with an internet connection and remotely get stuff done over a secure connection is a boon. I don't think any other tool comes close to the usefulness of ssh.

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A picture is worth a thousand words. Not always, but with GNU Image Manipulation Program, there’s a better chance of making that idiom true. GIMP comes with sophisticated editing tools, filters, scripts, and plugins.
snap install gimp

Bit bored, so I ran gource against GNOME Shell, Mutter and GTK. Everyone needs a hobby, I guess.

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Congratulations to our friends on the release of Fedora 31! Head on over, download an ISO and help celebrate with the Fedora project community! 🎉

This is a delightful "unboxing" from the early 1980's. It features a BBC Micro, Sinclair QL and Amstrad CPC 464. Happy days.

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"The Book of Inkscape" is part of this Humble Bundle where the money goes to a charity of your choice.

Highly recommended book. DRM free. For charity.

Live in ~5. Join us with a cup of tea and some biscuits for some noodling on 19.10.

I'm going to do another informal live stream on YouTube this afternoon.
Today, a bit of noodling around in 19.10 and seeing how to file bugs (if we find any) ;)

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