Snaps. The final frontier. These are the voyages of the OSS Snapcraft. Its continuing mission, to provide snap users with simple, effective tips and tricks. In this tutorial, we'll talk about confinement and interfaces.

Building apps for foreign architectures need not be hard 🤔 On Snapcraft Live this week, we preview our remote build service, which builds your apps for x86, x86_64, armhf, arm64 and more 🛠 Join us on YouTube in an hour!

Raindrops keep falling on my desktop. Ktorrent is a fast, configurable BitTorrent, with UDP tracker support, protocol encryption, IP filtering, DHT, and more. Now available as a snap.

snap install ktorrent

Happy Friday! It's Snapcraft Live day again! Grab a drink and bring your questions in about an hour over on YouTube. This week we'll have an electron tutorial and some time for Q&A. Join us!

Remember ICQ? 🌸 We do! The latest release of the popular chat application is available for as an official snap!
Dust off your ID and password, and get chatting like it’s 1996!

snap install icq-im

@purism Thx for this blog post. I would really appreciate it if you put a notice into Librem social that it is a fork of Tusky. Here is our opencollective in case you want to support the Tusky team

FluffyChat 11.6 is out with a better readable design for chat bubbles, minor bug fixes and new translations. Thanks to all contributors and supporters on Patreon and Liberapay ❤

On my way to Bogotá to present at FLISOL tomorrow.

After years of insisting that DRM in HTML wouldn't block open source implementations, Google says it won't support open source implementations

#DRM #EME #Google

The KDE Community have worked hard to deliver updates to their popular application suite. Over 50 of the freshest, high quality Free Software apps for are now available in the Snap Store

Sharing in case you happen to find yourself in the Bogota (Colombia) area the following Saturday (27/04) and want to listen to me speak in front of an audience.

This Week in Matrix! With the author of FluffyChat, server key signing validity in Synapse, new libQMatrixClient, news about new mobile clients in Flutter, and more! #matrix #decentralisation

There is now an experimental version of FluffyChat for desktop Linux available.
Thanks to @TimSueberkrueb for packaging. 💪

Which distros?
All distros thanks to #snap

Wanna test it?
Join to chat with us about the desktop release.

How to install it?
snap install fluffychat --edge

#ubuntutouch @matrix

I enjoy that the first listed feature of this alternate Slack and Discord client is: Not made from a web browser

Great article, and in just 10 minutes of podcast 🎙️ listening 👂a week, you can stay informed about what the team do to keep secure 🔐 Delivered directly to your brain 🧠 by 🛡️

Just learned about #Pattle, a new #Android #Matrix client which behaves similar to many popular messaging apps like Telegram or Signal. A important step to mass adoption.

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