Seeking a desktop app for ProtonMail and Tutanota end-to-end encrypted 🔐 email 📧 providers? We’ve got you covered!

snap install electron-mail

Snaps aren't just for desktop apps! 💻 In Snapcraft Live, we talk about server snaps, daemons and service management. Join us in ~10 mins on YouTube 📺 Bring your questions for the team! 🤓

Snaps aren't just for desktop apps! 💻 In Snapcraft Live, we talk about server snaps, daemons and service management. Join us in ~10 mins on YouTube 📺 Bring your questions for the team! 🤓

Enter the magic 🍄 wormhole 🕳 for hassle-free file sharing on . Share your files between computers, fast ⚡️ and safe 🔒.

snap install transporter

Open Syobon Action (オープンしょぼんのアクション) is an open-source cross-platform port of the unforgiving Japanese platformer for 🙀

snap install open-syobon-action

Simplest, easiest & most elegant way to install ? Use the snap! Listen to your friend, Gardiner - . He shows you how in this video.

Why the Visual Studio Code team launched a snap for 🤔. We spoke with Joao Moreno and Daniel Imms, Software Development Engineers at Microsoft, to find out.

Creating videos is easy. Creating great videos, not so much. A good production requires talent, time and tools. We can't do much about the first two, but we can recommend some nice tools to help you make snappy videos.

Here’s a note-taking 🗒 and reminder 🎗 app that stays out of your way unless you ask for it. Use the global hotkey to bring up from anywhere and focus on the Omnibox where you create notes, or set reminders ⏰

snap install recollectr

Here’s a markdown editor with pandoc 📝 integration and paginated preview for the desktop.

snap install panwriter

Hands up if you or someone in your team work remotely. Lead UX Designer on Juan Real reveals: Four things you wanted to know about working remotely but were afraid to ask…

Microsoft & Canonical announce Visual Studio Code for users in the Snap Store. Snaps work across 40+ distributions and support background updates. Yes, that's right, Linux users now get in-product automatic updates just like Windows & macOS 🎉

Strawberry 🍓is an audio player and music 🎧 collection organizer, forked from Clementine, and aimed at music collectors, audio enthusiasts and audiophiles.

snap install strawberry

Join us in a few minutes for another Snapcraft Live! This week, fun! We'll cover how to snap your games 🕹 and publish them in the Snap Store. We'll also have tips, tricks and answer your questions! Join us!

There's a new snap in store! just published AWS greengrass. It's never been so easy to get an project started!

sudo snap install aws-iot-greengrass

Wednesday night is Game Night! 🕹 We're back this week with another Snapcraft Live. This time we'll look at building and publishing game snaps. Join us tomorrow at 19:00 UTC (20:00 BST), bring your games and questions!

Toot toot! Hyperspace is a fluffy client for Mastodon! Browse and interact in Mastodon with a fun, easy, and clean interface for the web and desktop. Now available as a snap for .

snap install hyperspace

FooBillardplus is an advanced 3D OpenGL billiard game. You can play it with one or two players or against the computer. Different game modes, tournaments, realism, jump shots, and bird’s eye view.

snap install foobillard-plus

Snap first-time startup used to take a fair deal of time, and would impair the user experience. We took this problem seriously, and implemented important changes that resolve most of the startup issues.

Here’s a toolbox for you! E-tools is a versatile app for developers, featuring color picker, color transformation, URI encode/decode, code formatting, and more.

snap install e-tools

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