Get yourself or your team organised with, an open-source collaborative kanban board application ☑️ 📝

snap install wekan

World-famous Open Source 2D Animation suite, OpenToonz 💬 is available as a snap for . Use scanned scenes or create from scratch directly on the desktop. Easily build animations and apply effects.

snap install opentoonz

It’s the weekend, time to get your game on! Moonlight is an Open Source nVidia GameStream client. Stream your favorite games from Windows directly to your PC.

Discover the Sugar Learning Platform on any device. Used daily by nearly 3 Million children around the world. Sugar is a leading learning platform developed for the One Laptop Per Child project. Now available as a snap for !

snap install sugarizer

Born this century? You probably don’t remember Mosaic - the early web browser. We do. It’s perfectly preserved as a snap for . 23 years after the final release. Browse the web like it’s 1999!

snap install mosaic

YouTubers rejoice! A complete, professional grade, free software teleprompter is now available for from in Puerto Rico 📺 📜 📹

snap install imaginary-teleprompter

The Snap of nodejs, the cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment, provides access to multiple Node.js releases. Access the world's largest ecosystem of open source libraries on today! 🏃⏲

snap install node --channel 10/stable

Monitoring your prized possessions on camera is easy with MJPG-Streamer on 📷 Stream video and stills over your network. Simply install the snap, plug-in a webcam, and you’re ready.

snap install mjpg-streamer

Moving from a developer-centric to a user-centric model led to adopt snaps for easier installation and discoverability. Discover more in this interview.

We’d like to walk you through the snapping process of a C language application. We will do this with a rather non-trivial example of Dosbox-x, which should help you get familiar with the idea, so you can snap your own code.

Rambox CE is a workspace browser that allows you to manage many applications, all in one place. is perfect for people who care about productivity and work with many applications, both business and personal 🐏 📦

snap install rambox

If you have an application you'd like to share with millions of users, we'd love to feature it in the Snap Store, just like we did for Color Picker!


got app installed by
1k+ users across 107 nations within a week... thanks to

i thanks too for putting it to featured snaps in store listing 😊


We regularly update the Featured section in the Snap Store to highlight fresh, interesting or fun apps and games. Did you know, you can browse the featured section on the web, command line and in GNOME Software. Find something new today!

Lepton is a beautiful open source snippet manager for . Manage your Github gists with support for tags, search and sharing. Lepton features a rich-text editor and markdown viewer. Try the snap today!

snap install lepton

Writing applications and games in Rust is in vogue. Getting those applications in the hands of users is a challenge. This post walks through creating a snap from your latest Rust creation.

Access all your favourite iCloud apps directly from the desktop with this simple app. iCloud for Linux can securely access your calendar, contacts, notes, mail and more.

snap install icloud-for-linux

If you’re looking for a simple but smart note-taking app then the open source FromScratch snap is great for quick note taking or keeping a todo list on 📝

snap install fromscratch

You can control your , but it's hard to keep track of nodes and parameters? How do you start this on boot? How do you share this? Answers are in part 5 of's series about creating your first robot with the Robot Operating System ().

Looking to design your own city and prove you know better than local town planners? Micropolis is the original city simulation game 🌃 🌆 🌇

snap install micropolis

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