Twist and team! Twist is a team collaboration and communication tool, combining chat, email and project management functionality under a single umbrella. It comes with GitHub integration, too.

snap install twist

Clash of the Titans? Only if they happen to be artists or scientists, because Titania is a X3D/VRML editor, with support for modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, and compositing. Now available as a snap.

snap install titania

Assemble your crack team of soldiers and bring the war to your enemy! With 57 weapons from watermelon bombs to piano strike, the pink hedgehogs of Hedgewars need you!

snap install hedgewars

In a new blog post, we highlight 8 of the ways snaps differ from traditional & contemporary application packaging systems.

Using elementary OS as your workstation? Install the Snap to communicate and collaborate with your teams! Scientifically proven (or at least rumored) to make your working life simpler, more pleasant, and more productive. 💪

Simplicity, flexibility and built to accommodate a wide variety of projects - some of the reasons why snaps helped solve Julia's package manager issues.

OpenComic is the opens source comic and manga reader for , now available in the Snap Store. Supports all the usual images and compressed formats.

snap install opencomic

Slow applications are never fun. But not knowing why an application is not behaving correctly can be even more frustrating. Trace-exec lets you examine the snap startup and runtime chain, and can help pinpoint the source of the issue.

Classic side-scrolling platformer game, Cave Story is now easily installed on via the Snap Store. Also known as Doukutsu Monogatari, the popular 8-bit style side-scroller is re-implemented with NXEngine Evo.

Skype developers published a new "insider" build of the popular video call and chat client to the Snap Store. is in the insider/stable channel now.
snap install skype --channel=insider/stable
snap refresh skype --channel=insider/stable

OpenResizer is an open-source batch image 🖼 resizing application, designed to be fast and easy-to-use, for the desktop.

snap install openresizer

Too much work, not enough time? Gaucho is a minimalistic task launcher, designed to help boost your productivity. Now available in the snap store.

snap install gaucho

The open source digital platform,, has launched as a snap to cater for growing demand from their Linux user base. Read the blog here for more details.

Snaps are now supported by - find out the reasons why after we spoke to Philip Muller at the

Blender 2.80 is out! The latest release of the Free and Open Source 3D creation suite for is now available. Officially published by the Blender Foundation, installing the snap is the easiest way to get all the new features!

snap install blender

App stores provide a data-driven approach to Linux software distribution for developers while improving visibility to users. Find out how to maximise your app in this whitepaper. 🛍️

Need a safe place to store your photos 📸 and documents 📄 ? Grab yourself a fresh copy of Buster 🐕 then install the snap to get in control of your data!

Discovery is an integral part of any store experience. In this article, we'd like to give you an overview of several interesting, unique entries from the Productivity section in the Snap Store. Let’s browse around.

"People using or building snaps no longer think of themselves as early adopters, but adhering to the status quo." Snapcrafter shares his thoughts on the evolution of snaps.

A pile of new updates landed in OnlyOffice on recently. Plugins to insert audio & video in presentations, send docs as mail attachments right from the editors. Also Chinese was added as a new interface language.

Install the snap today!

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