Developers! Mockoon is the easiest and quickest way to run mock APIs locally. No remote deployment, no account required, open source.

snap install mockoon

New release of out? Download and verify the ISO from your previous Linux distribution with ubuntu-iso-download! Specify a flavour & release, and you'll have a verified ISO in no time!

snap install ubuntu-iso-download

Snaptastic is a graphical snap manager utility, available in the elementary AppCenter, offering software that might not be available through standard elementary OS repository channels. We tested.

Media hoarders on rejoice! The latest MakeMKV is now available in the Snap Store. Use it to rip your legacy optical media into fresh, clean, and perfectly encoded Matroska video files! 🎞

snap install makemkv

Me DbTarzan! You JOIN! 🐡
In the Jungle, the mighty Jungle the SQL sleeps tonight!
Install DbTarzan from the Snap Store, and swing the mighty vines of your databases today!

My preciousss! Amassing all those assets! Amass is a DNS enumeration and network mapping tool, using open-source info gathering and active reconnaissance techniques.

snap install amass

Tip of the day! You can 'snapshot' the user, system and configuration data for any or all snaps on your system. Use this to regularly as part of a backup regimen, or one-off to archive data before removing a snap.

The snapcraft dump plugin "just dumps" contents from a specified source into a snap. Sounds simple, but it's actually quite clever. This plugin can be extremely useful when you want to quickly package and test your applications.

Excellent blog post, let's work together to get our software out to as broad of an audience as possible!

On this day in 1989, Jordan Mechner released Prince of Persia on the Apple II. 30 years on, a dozen games, graphic novels and films keep the Princess's hopes alive. Play the open source port, 'SDLPop' on today.

Call for testing! The ONLYOFFICE Desktop developers have published "ONLYOFFICE Document Server" for in the Snap Store, and are looking for testers! Find out more over on the forum

Congratulations to the Team on reaching the 1.0.0 milestone! πŸŽ‰ Grab the freshest release for from the Snap Store - and read their announcement over on their blog at

Coming soon! Hold all refreshes of snaps for a specified period. We plan to support "snap refresh --hold=5h" to suppress automatic refresh for a while. Find out more and discuss over on the forum.

Want to stream your gameplay on ? Use the OBS snap which makes hardware accelerated video encoding easy. This short blog post will get you started quickly!

Awesome news from the .Net Core team!

snap install dotnet-sdk



Announcing .NET Core 3.0


Inkscape 1.0 beta 1 just landed in the Snap Store edge channel! Grab the latest build of the world's favorite Open Source vector drawing app today. Faster, smaller, better. Take it for a spin today!

snap install inkscape --edge

We wanted to have a look at how users on different distributions consume snaps. So we crunched some numbers and checked the top five snaps for Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, CentOS, Arch Linux, and Manjaro users.

Delighted to see our friends at Manjaro making it easier for their users to access software in the Snap Store πŸ‘πŸ˜€


We just released Pamac 9.0-beta2. Check out the new integrated snap features!


Violin is a lean, mean, music listening machine! Point it at a folder full of songs and you're set. Violin supports most common media formats. No cloud, no subscriptions, just local music all day long!

snap install violin-player

The venerable Open Source voice chat application Mumble has reached 1.3.0! Designed for gamers this release has with a slew of design and feature updates.. Grab 1.3.0 from the snap store today!

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