Install the Snap today for to supercharge your team collaboration. Flock is packed with productivity features including video calls, project management, polls and reminders. 🐦🐦🐦

snap install flock-chat

KAlgebra is an algebraic graphing calculator πŸ–© from that supports 3D graphing and MathML markup language for .

snap install kalgebra

Today, we'd like to give you a learn-by-example overview of a snapcraft.yaml with two interesting components: a) it has multiple applications b) it has a simple background service, to which other applications can connect.

Let’s make it unofficial. Caprine is a privacy-focused Facebook Messenger application with many useful features, like group chat, custom styles, code blocks, and more. Get it from the Snap Store.

snap install caprine

Somewhere over the rainbow! Colorpicker lets you choose colors from anywhere on your desktop, change shading and opacity, manage colors, and more.

snap install colorpicker-app

Install the clouds snap to quickly launch Windows in Windows on your workstation. Powered by qemu-virgil, clouds makes it easy to create a Windows 10 machine in a box.

We've updated the Snap Store editor's picks to feature some new applications. Have a browse and find something new today! You can also browse via the web store at

Love the command line? Electerm is just the app for you. A terminal file manager, with SSH, SFTP and serial port connectivity. Now available as a snap.

snap install electerm

Sometimes, software projects are simple – one architecture, one version, one release. Often, they are complex. If you're a snap developer, you might be wondering about the optimal way to accommodate a multi-dimensional release

Lior Halphon's SameBoy is a user friendly Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Super Game Boy emulator for macOS, Windows and Unix-like platforms.

Learn to code without even noticing in Selfless Heroes. Solve puzzles and help your heroes emerge victorious from the dungeon! Featuring multiple levels, end of level bosses and extra objectives. Give your heroes the AI to cooperate and win!

developers rejoice! The Snap of icdiff can display colour, unlike most diff tools, and better highlights changes with its side-by-side colorized word diff 🌈 πŸ‘€

snap install icdiff

The LBRY Desktop and lbry tv allow you to view content, upload your digital media for free or at a set price, tip your favorite creators, send/receive LBRY Credits (LBC) and earn credits through LBRY Rewards.

gphotos-sync is a great tool for backing up your Google Photos down to your PC.
Check out the blog post which details how to set it up! Meow 😺

Available as a Snap for , PowerShell is an automation and configuration management platform πŸ”‹ 🐚

snap install powershell

Home directory feeling cluttered? Hide folders using this one neat trick.

echo "snap" >> ~/.hidden

Do that, and the folder will disappear from your file manager like magic!

Feeling nostalgic for those 90s first-person shooters? Eureka DOOM Editor lets you build map levels for DOOM, Heretic, Hexen, Strife, and a bunch of other oldies and goldies. Design, play, relive the past.

snap install eureka-doom-editor

Want to know when new snaps land in the Snap Store? has you covered with the account! Give it a follow.

RT tracks the public store for collating statistics and other info. The twitter account uses the data to post a tweet announcing every new Snap as soon as they appear in the store! Made by, a community expert.


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