When it's time to move on, and leave past cares behind, don't worry, we've got your back. bit.ly/33321U4

Try before you buy. You can accelerate your development using the "snap try" and "snapcraft pack" commands. More words yonder:

Which existing snaps should we feature in the store? Give us your suggestions for this week over in the forum!

Snapcraft comes with extensions - handy components that bundle and hide away common code blocks used to build snaps. But what if you want to know what is behind the abstractization?


Purple Task is a new simple app to help you get stuff done. Data is stored locally, with no need for an Internet connection. Available for now.

The name is Smith. John Smith. Struggling with names for your stories or novels? Struggle no more! Namegen is a handy random name generator for writers and authors.

snap install namegen


Security and privacy conscious users will certainly be interested in knowing what their snaps can do at runtime. At your service, handy snap interface and snap connections commands.


The Snap Store empowers developers to release their applications using the web UI or on the command line. Releasing is fast, easy and can be undone when bugs are discovered. bit.ly/3237Izg

Dominate your life goals, with Angstrom πŸ’ͺ Project management for solo-founders πŸ—“ indiehackers and digital nomads 🚢 Manage your Tasks, Projects and Milestones in one beautiful desktop application. Available as a snap today!

snap install angstrom


collabee is a team collaboration software that lets your team communicate, manage tasks and events, share files, all in one page. Available for in the Snap Store now! bit.ly/3k6RqwU

Snap! Collaborate and listen! Ever wondered how you can contribute to snaps, or the infrastructure that builds and runs them? Here's a rundown of how you can get involved.

is an ASCII game project from @MrGumix@twitter.com for , inspired by "Moon Patrol" 🌜 Avoid the craters, destroy the rocks and drive as far as you can, while avoiding fire πŸ’£ from the ships above πŸš€

snap install ascii-patrol


Got a snap in the Snap Store you're not ready to share widely? You can make it Private, so only you and collaborators can install it. Great for testing secretly!


We've updated the featured apps in the Snap Store today. Loads of new stuff to install! Go and have a browse.


Did You Know: Removing a snap from your system will safely backup the app data in a 'snapshot'. You can avoid this with the '--purge' option. bit.ly/3bt3W6U

Violin is a lean, mean, music listening machine! Point it at a folder full of songs and you're set. Violin supports most common media formats. No cloud, no subscriptions, just local music all day long!

snap install violin-player


Retro games, and you could be the one making them! LIKO-12 is a fantasy computer that lets you create, play and share tiny retro-looking games and programs. And it comes with its own operating system - DiskOS.

snap install liko-12


Today, we want to showcase a useful bunch of new features landing in snapcraft. The ability to view tracks and set the default track, using the snapcraft command line.


Gitea 🍡 is the easiest, fastest, and most painless way of setting up a self-hosted Git service! Get your own multi-user Git project hosting server up in minutes! - snap install gitea


Try before you buy. You can accelerate your development using the "snap try" and "snapcraft pack" commands. More words yonder:

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