Glimpse, the fork of the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is now available in the Snap Store for . The editor is in the 'edge' channel, indicating it might not be stable for daily use yet. Give it a spin!

snap install glimpse-editor --edge

@snapcraftio I'm glad you have it on flathub too since snaps aren't very universal.

@snapcraftio @Canageek there is none functionality wise.

All it is, is different branding.

@Canageek @snapcraftio a group of people forked gimp to avoid the name because gimp is a slur. As much as I don’t personally like the fork. It’s their GNU given right to do so. So I’m not gonna freak out about it

@jellyosaurus @snapcraftio ok. I always associated it with being a BDSM reference, but sure, they can iceweasel it, why not?

@snapcraftio @Canageek their choice, doesn’t hurt anyone! I don’t think the fork will succeed, but we will see.

@snapcraftio it’s actually stable, however the stable snap channel has not been pushed yet.

@snapcraftio Hey, considering one of the reason Glimpse exists is to purge GNU-IMP of its slur name, could you possibly not repeat that same slur when advertising Glimpse?

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