Born this century? You probably don’t remember Mosaic - the early web browser. We do. It’s perfectly preserved as a snap for . 23 years after the final release. Browse the web like it’s 1999!

snap install mosaic

@snapcraftio Follow the rabbit hole, by web searching the following:

Olia Lialina

Turing Complete User

Zombie and Mummy


Rich User Experience


Tim Burners-Lee

Gopher Protocol

Microsoft vs DOJ


@snapcraftio I remember netscape navigator, way before Microsoft eventually caught up with the real world and brought out IE, probably a step backwards but point here is MS are not pioneers in internet browsing, they came in late.
@snapcraftio I have a 2nd netbook that i am trying to use just from the command line so this is installed too. :) I have set up a gui, but then I found a cli based wireless connection tool.
@snapcraftio Just installed on my desktop and my blog seems to work really nicely :)
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