The End of Life for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS is drawing closer. Join our webinar on March 6 to find out everything you need to know before it hits.

Having trouble getting to grips with DevOps practices? Our upcoming webinar, 'Getting Started Easily with DevOps practices - CI/CD', on 27th February, will tell you everything you need to know. .

A technical overview of how Ubuntu Core with full disk encryption and secure boot can be implemented in IoT devices to provide protection in data sensitive scenarios.

Check out our upcoming webinar 'Getting Started Easily with DevOps practices - CI/CD' on 27th February.

KPatience is a card ♠️♥️♣️♦️ sorting game based on Solitaire from . Several variations are available including Freecell, Klondike, and Golf. Suitable for gamers of all ages 🕹👶.

snap install kpat

Check out our upcoming webinar 'Getting Started Easily with DevOps practices - CI/CD' on 27th February.

Ready to make operations easy? Watch our on-demand webinar to see how simplifies how you configure, scale and operate today’s complex software.

Fing's Fingbox plugs into your Wi-Fi routers to monitor, secure and troubleshoot networks and their connected devices - watch this webinar find out why they used Ubuntu Core and Snaps.

Making money from requires a business model transition. Get the steps you need to succeed in our downloadable whitepaper.

KTouch is a touch 👐 typing ⌨️ tutor 🎓 from . Suitable for all ages and the perfect typing tutor for schools and personal use. Ships with dozens of courses and collects metrics to help analyze your progress.

snap install ktouch

Pay attention, and take some notes! MicroPad is an open digital note taking app, with Markdown-formatted text, encrypted sync, Evernote import, infinite canvas, additions for math and tables, and much more.

snap install micropad

Financial enterprises say multi-cloud is central for AI, containers and blockchain You can download the full whitepaper here:

Securing IoT device data against physical access - find out how in this whitepaper.

Want to find out more about IoT app stores? Then join this webinar tonight and learn how the right software strategy can transform your devices from commodity hardware to multi-purpose. An Introduction to IoT App Stores

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