Shifting to a software-defined approach will enable mobile operators to differentiate their services in a world. Read more in this whitepaper with

This past week, the team landed support for storing backups and images on storage pools and kept working on refactoring the devices and database code.
This week and are in San Diego, presenting at LSS NA and OSS NA.

Did you miss our AI/ML webinar? Still want to learn how to run an ML/AI experiment? Fear not, you can watch it on demand.

In this , learn how to create pods with's infrastructure management tool

2 months to go until - a UK-based conference dedicated to Free Culture, Free and Open Source Software, hardware hacking, digital rights, and all manner of collaborative cultural activities. Get your tickets now!


We'd like to take a moment to thank our amazing sponsors for supporting us this year (music please):

Gold: &
Silver: & 8 Circles Ltd

See more at:


Ready to build a nodejs snap? In this tutorial, we'll build a Chuck Norris quotation website that runs as a service!

Due to the use of and Snaps, can update the 30,000 devices in consumer’s homes within a matter of hours if needed in the event of an urgent security patch.

In San Diego next week for ?
Don't miss and's workshop on !

Want to make a submission to Ubuntu tutorials? Here's everything you need to know!

We have updated the featured applications in Software. Have a browse and find something new today.

Happy Birthday to our upstream,


26 years strong! Happy Anniversary! Happy ! Debian celebrates 26 years !


Attending in San Diego next week?
Don't miss and's workshop on !

In a new blog post, we highlight 8 of the ways snaps differ from traditional & contemporary application packaging systems.

A software defined business model makes it easy for businesses to capitalize on and generate additional functionality for existing devices over the course of time!

We invited 6 industry experts to share their views on the importance of a multi-cloud strategy for enterprises. Read their thoughts & those of our Director of Product here.

Shotcut is an open source video editor for . supports many formats; no import required, native timeline editing; Blackmagic Design support for input and preview monitoring; and resolution support to 4k 🎞🎥🎬

snap install shotcut

The battle for spice continues. 30 years after the the first war, GDI and NOD are back in another classic, real-time strategy saga with Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun.

snap install cnctsu

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