Why would you build a @Raspberry_Pi@twitter.com cluster with ? We have the answer for you right here. Read more for information on cluster computing and the capabilities of MicroK8s.


Making money from requires a business model transition. Get the steps you need to succeed in our downloadable whitepaper. bit.ly/2wqAfzS

Why is Ubuntu so popular? This whitepaper examines six key reasons why the developer community turn to Ubuntu. bit.ly/2Rpiuto

KAlgebra is an algebraic graphing calculator 🖩 from that supports 3D graphing and MathML markup language for .

snap install kalgebra


When it comes to finance, enterprises expect the highest level of coupled with easy deployment, flexibility and agility. Read @sfabel@twitter.com's article on the future of finserv security in @GBAFReview@twitter.com.


Today, we'd like to give you a learn-by-example overview of a snapcraft.yaml with two interesting components: a) it has multiple applications b) it has a simple background service, to which other applications can connect.


Ready to use for robotics? Watch our on-demand webinar with our in-house roboticist to see how it's possible bit.ly/2ue2hyq

Let’s make it unofficial. Caprine is a privacy-focused Facebook Messenger application with many useful features, like group chat, custom styles, code blocks, and more. Get it from the Snap Store.

snap install caprine


In the penultimate part of getting your devices to market series, we discuss when to start using specialists to outsource to help manage cost and risk.


.@TheSilphRoad@twitter.com is the premier grassroots network for Pokémon GO players around the world. To meet user demand, they turned to and 's distribution of ! bit.ly/2j3pQmG

How does the cloud drive digital transformation? Join @sfabel@twitter.com, Director of Product at Canonical, to learn more on @EM360Tech@twitter.com's podcast.


The Wellcome Sanger Institute is a global centre of excellence for genomic research.

Find out how utilising a reliable Ceph storage has enabled them to reduce the barriers for scientists and ensure their time is focused on the research that matters.


Serverless computing? Kubernetes? Private cloud? Multi-cloud? Which type of is best? We break down the various approaches in our latest whitepaper. bit.ly/2wVvkqY

The Dell Data Science Workstation, a new product line from @Dell@twitter.com, delivers what data scientists and developers need to get their applications and projects up and running without delay. And all that, with Ubuntu enabled.


.@Ceph@twitter.com upstream released the first stable version of Octopus today. You can now test it out easily on Ubuntu. To get more info on the new features included in Octopus, read our blog.


We surveyed professionals to find out what the expected benefits of for users and enterprises are. bit.ly/2f5r6qH

A combination of Ubuntu Core, snaps and Kura can solve the limitations that come with Linux distributions for IoT edge gateway devices. bit.ly/2RvPy2h

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