New release of out? Download and verify the ISO from your legacy Linux distribution with ubuntu-iso-download! Specify a flavour & release, and you'll have a verified ISO in no time!

snap install ubuntu-iso-download

Snaptastic is a graphical snap manager utility, available in the elementary AppCenter, offering software that might not be available through standard elementary OS repository channels. We tested.

Ubuntu 19.10 is our most advanced release to date and includes the Linux 5.3 kernel, OpenStack Train and the latest Kubernetes version 1.16.

Sign up to our webinar and see all of the new updates and capabilities with Ubuntu 19.10.

Are you looking for a configuration management tool or service orchestration? Take a look at this blog comparing Juju, Ansible and Terraform to see which is best for your use case.

networking company,, adopted Ubuntu Core, snaps and brand stores to free its DevOps team on adding value to the business.

Here is a selection of some of the companies who have chosen and to help run their operations!

Media hoarders on rejoice! The latest MakeMKV is now available in the Snap Store. Use it to rip your legacy optical media into fresh, clean, and perfectly encoded Matroska video files! 🎞

snap install makemkv

This past week, the team was hard at work refactoring code in order to land virtual machines support. Ceph erasure coding support was added, as well as compression options for "lxc export". And we now have CentOS 8 and Linux Mint images available!

What's new in Ubuntu 19.10?

Join the Ubuntu team to learn about everything new in the upcoming Ubuntu 19.10 ‘Eoan Ermine' release in our webinar.

Using , and , Japan successfully built and operate their large scale IaaS environment while reducing OPEX and CAPEX costs. New case study available now!

When it comes to cloud, there's no one-size fits all approach. Get an introduction to the different types of clouds in our downloadable whitepaper.

A report from found Canonical’s managed private cloud to be cheaper than 25 of the public cloud providers included in the Cloud Price benchmark.

Find out how a software defined business model can help device manufacturers bring in continuous revenue beyond the initial device.

This whitepaper provides a technical overview of how Ubuntu Core with full disk encryption and secure boot can be implemented in IoT devices to provide protection in data sensitive scenarios.

A very big "Thank you!" to the organisers and volunteers for putting on another hugely successful event for the comminity 👏

I don't think we've ever had "Happy Birthday " sung to us with the harmonious accompaniment of bagpipes, in a bar.
Can you top this? 🤔


It is fitting that we have a piped "Happy Birthday" to celebrate 15 years of 🎂 😁


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