GSI professionals: please join our webinar series to hear about solutions that enable automation, control and full lifecycle management for customer deployments.

The first point release of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is here - upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04.1 now! 🥂💻

Who's accelerating on Ubuntu? Discover what we are doing in from RTOS to AI to infotainment systems. 🚘

What tools do you need to deploy Charmed on KVM with MAAS and Juju? Join and for a step by step tutorial. release EIGHT includes many new features: A new monitoring functionality based on Prometheus exporters, enhanced software-defined networking () controller support using the SDN Assist capability and more! Discover them here.
Grab a free pass to EU 2020's keynote and expo hall and come meet us at our virtual booth! Let's talk multi-cloud , watch live demos, enter competitions and more.

A combination of Ubuntu Core, snaps and Kura can solve the limitations that come with Linux distributions for IoT edge gateway devices.

Serverless computing? Kubernetes? Private cloud? Multi-cloud? Containers? Download our whitepaper for an examination of the latest emerging technologies in the world of .

Serverless computing? Kubernetes? Private cloud? Multi-cloud? Which type of is best? We break down the various approaches in our latest whitepaper.

The highlight of this past week of work on was the 4.4 release.
In parallel to that, work is also continuing to add virtual networks to LXD (OVN) and the low-level liblxc library saw some improvements for the 5.8 Linux kernel.

The team has released version 4.4!
This version introduces graphical access to virtual machines, failure domains for clusters, disk limits in projects and many more features!

Making money from requires a business model transition. Get the steps you need to succeed in our downloadable whitepaper.

While there are multiple strategies for getting traffic into a cluster, the most common approach involves using an Ingress Controller. Check out this blog from on how to explore their API gateway with .

The first 'point release' for 20.04 is due next week. Today, we've got ISO images ready for intrepid enthusiasts and community QA to test! Find out more below.

We're excited to join EU again this year, and hope to see you there! Access the keynote and expo hall for FREE via the link above. Come chat with us about multi-cloud K8s, access demos, competitions, and personal advice from our tech team!

The Wellcome Sanger Institute is a global centre of excellence for genomic research.

Find out how utilising a reliable Ceph storage has enabled them to reduce the barriers for scientists and ensure their time is focused on the research that matters.

On tomorrow's virtual event, Canonical's experts present Charmed Kubernetes and MicroK8s for streamlining K8s deployment and operations. Join us for a talk on economics and flexibility from cloud to edge, real use cases, resources, and a live Q&A.

Plex your media! This powerful media suite lets you organize and stream your videos, movies, music and photos to any device, complete with rich descriptions and beautiful artwork.

snap install plexmediaserver

Yahoo! Japan reduced their OPEX and CAPEX costs while building a large IaaS environment with Canonical's management tooling and OpenStack. Find out how in this case study.

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