Here’s a markdown editor with pandoc 📝 integration and paginated preview for the desktop.

snap install panwriter

@deejoe I think I know why the screenshots are for Mac. That's because it's another fucking Electron app, which also has Mac theme hard-coded, so not only will it look fugly in Linux, but also really out of place.


@drequivalent @deejoe @ubuntu so you'd rather not have the application available at all? We should shun an app based on the language it is written in?

@paperdigits if the platform it is written in is encouraging bad behavior and worsening app obesity problem, then yes, I'd rather not have it.

@deejoe @ubuntu

@paperdigits Apps that ship in packages of 100 MB and hog 300 MB of RAM per app right from the start just to send a text message or edit a small text file is bad behavior, that should be discouraged by any means necessary.

@deejoe @ubuntu


No, but I guess if one thought Electron was the Internet, one might get pretty defensive about anyone dragging it.

@paperdigits @ubuntu

@deejoe @drequivalent @ubuntu The popular web browsers + Internet, if we are going to be pedantic about it.

If you prefer native apps, that's great, but there isn't any need to discourage the work of others or criticize without being constructive, especially if you never intend to use that application.

Web has its own obesity problems. And yes, it's also bad and sholud be adressed. But until Electron this bloat, this cancer was at least isolated to web. Then it got into web browsers which started resembling operating systems of their own.

Now it leaks into desktop apps. Get the hell out of here, we don't need this, we never asked for this, fuck this shit.

@deejoe @ubuntu

@drequivalent @deejoe @ubuntu then just don't use it. However, lots of people do use electron apps, they get the job done. I don't know who the 'we' is in 'we didn't ask for this', but plenty of people did ask for it, and here it is being useful for people.


"just don't use it" doesn't cut it when, for instance, one's workplace switches to something that uses it.

@drequivalent @ubuntu

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@paperdigits What about cases when I don't WANT to use it, but I HAVE to, because there's no decent alternative for the app? What do I do? I bite the bullet and waste my RAM, IO and CPU cycles on something that could be very well implemented in Qt and be lightning-fast.

So does everyone.

The developer wanted it quick and dirty so everyone else pays the price.

@deejoe @ubuntu


Yeah, I try to avoid platform or language shaming ... not that great a tactic, really.

That said, these things constitute an ecosystem, in which some people's choices tend to influence what's available to everyone...increasingly, what is default, or even required.

@drequivalent @ubuntu


If you've never (yet) been on the short end of that sort of a situation, count yourself lucky. and may that luck hold!

@drequivalent @ubuntu

@drequivalent @deejoe @ubuntu to be fair, at least the save panel looks like a real NSSavePanel, so I'd say it's not because of Electron that it looks like macOS

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