The default desktop theme is being refreshed 🖌 for the next release. See this blog post that summarises the work so far 👷

@ubuntu Still this ugly orange. Orange also has a nationalist connotation in the Netherlands.

Not that anybody listens to this reply, cause you are a bot.

@ubuntu not that people will see this but isn't it time to create a new desktop environment and get past the GNOME?
Why we can't have some great desktop experience like what people have with OSX etc.

@arh @ubuntu I'm not sure why, but I hate #Gnome. I loved #Unity and am now happy with @kde #Plasma. I understand the business reasons #Canonical dropped Unity, but I still miss having a nice, mature DE that wasn't full of papercuts. Unity just seemed about perfect IMHO. Plasma is close but still has a few too many quirks.


I don't like unity at all. I'm currently using Cinnamon on Fedora. What I mean is that we should design, develop, and publish a new DE that is friendly with users of all operating systems.
For sure it's a step to make them curious about GNU/Linux.
Something like what KDE did with DEs.

@ubuntu @kde

@arh @ubuntu @kde Oh, you mean a DE that can be installed on Windows/MacOS that is also default on a popular distro? That would be pretty freaking cool & make the transition to #Linux even easier.


Not neccesarily installed on Windows or OSX but something that users of Windows and Mac can use too when they use GNU/Linux.
For sure default UI of Windows and Mac are more user friendly for basic daily users than GNOME or other DEs.

@ubuntu @kde

@lioh I'm fine with Cinnamon. I just suggested that we should create a new DE that is user friendly for those who are about to join GNU/Linux community.

@arh @ubuntu there are so many DEs available, I am sure everyone can find one that's usable. In the end this is quite a personal decision, e.g. what is good for one does not have to be good for the other. This is one of the big strength of Free Software - it reflects humanity and needs much better than anything else.

@lioh @ubuntu

Most people are used to DEs of Windows and Mac. I'm not saying we should force people to use a DE. What I'm saying is we should provide them with such DE that can attract them. That's all.

@arh @ubuntu and what I have said is that there are a lot available.

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