What is the number one thing πŸ₯‡ you'd change to improve Ubuntu MATE?

Any response featuring the words "green" or "theme" will be sent to /dev/null πŸ˜‰

@ubuntumate I'd like to be able to tile windows to the north and south (top and bottom halves) of the screen with a keyboard shortcut. At the moment it seems you can only do this with the top or bottom corners and not the full width of the screen

@wbrawner There are keyboard shortcuts for that. See Getting Started section of Ubuntu MATE Welcome for details πŸ‘

@ubuntumate Ah, I see, thanks. Then just making them customizable would be great :) They don't show up in the Keyboard Shortcuts editor so I didn't think they were available

@ubuntumate: I'll let you know if I find something while installing and using it on the Raspberry Pi for Mastodon reasons. πŸ˜‰

(And it's okay if you're green, Hyperspace is always purple by default, at least for now)

@ubuntumate so far I’m loving it makes my surface go a real piece of equipment. πŸ‘

A Natural Scrolling option for the mouse wheel is the main thing missing for me. Using graphical applications that work the opposite to the OS is not great. Push the wheel up and the image moves down is backwards. Up means up.

@ubuntumate Allow ordering open windows in the panel by a-z like KDE does. πŸ’‘

@ubuntumate Allow file and full text search from the MATE Menu. πŸ’‘

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