Following yesterday's work on , this evening I've added an MMAL and OMX accelerated ⚡️ for @ubuntu_mate 18.04 on the . I'll start preparing beta images, that after a brief period of private 🛑 testing, will be released publicly 🖖

This weekend I've been working on getting accelerated ⚡ video 📺 playback working for @ubuntu_mate on the and @videolan VLC is now working a treat 🙌🏻 I have some packages to clean up and will then prepare images that I hope will become a public beta.

Alpha 2 images of @ubuntu_mate for the have been provided to the private 🔒testing task force 🎖️and includes font cache fixes, pre-seeded snaps (Welcome & Boutique) and reduced 📉RAM consumption by ~30MB on arm64 and ~10MB on armhf. Work on Beta 1 has started 👟

@kagoml We've always autoposted the new package releases. What you just witnessed was the release of MATE Desktop 1.22. You're welcome.

mate-user-share-1.22.0.tar.xz released by MATE Desktop Team

mate-sensors-applet-1.22.0.tar.xz released by MATE Desktop Team

mate-power-manager-1.22.0.tar.xz released by MATE Desktop Team

mate-indicator-applet-1.22.0.tar.xz released by MATE Desktop Team

mate-control-center-1.22.0.tar.xz released by MATE Desktop Team

caja-extensions-1.22.0.tar.xz released by MATE Desktop Team

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