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Day 5 of @ubuntu_mate for the added online automatic filesystem 💾 expansion which doesn't require a reboot. The cause of the slow 🐌 first boot 👢has been identified (WIP). Thanks to @waveform80 the GPIO essentials are in place too. I ❤️ systemd-nspawn

Day 4 of making @ubuntu_mate 18.04.2 images for the @Raspberry_Pi added ARM64 (aarch64) support 💪I profiled boot times and disabled ☠️facilities that don't benefit the Pi and configured netplan to use NetworkManager as the renderer. First boot performance is still poor 😞

Yesterday was day 3 of getting @ubuntu_mate 18.04.2 working on the @Raspberry_Pi. The main acheivement 🎉 was Bluetooth now works and experimental f2fs support was added. Currently debugging a massive boot 👢delay⌛️on very first boot. Once solved wider testing begins.

I joined @ChrisLAS and @wespayne on Linux 🐧Unplugged🔌last night to talk about the new 18.04 server images for the @Raspberry_Pi and the work 💦@waveform80 is doing to bring the Pi software ecosystem to @ubuntu

Day 2 of @ubuntu_mate 18.04.2 on @Raspberry_Pi. Bootable 👢images are a thing, the essential stuff works 🍾 and the (somewhat) accelerated fbturbo X11 driver is included. Working on my port of raspi-config for @ubuntu to add automatic filesystem resizing & other useful config 💪

This week I am working on @ubuntu_mate 18.04.2 images for the @Raspberry_Pi models 2 and 3/3+

Nothing exciting to report just yet, build system is configured and the root file system is being generated. Next up is adding the kernel and boot loader.

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