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mate-control-center-1.22.1.tar.xz released by MATE Desktop Team

mate-user-guide-1.22.1.tar.xz released by MATE Desktop Team

Ubuntu MATE 19.04 final release is available now! 🎉 See our blog for details about the driver installer and other new features in this release. Bespoke images for GPD Pocket & Pocket 2 are also available

mate-icon-theme-1.22.1.tar.xz released by MATE Desktop Team

mate-icon-theme-1.23.0.tar.xz released by MATE Desktop Team

Ubuntu MATE 18.04.2 final and Ubuntu MATE 19.04 beta images for the GPD Pocket & GPD Pocket 2 are available now! Read 👀 our blog to find out more and get the downloads 📀

Bespoke GPD Pocket & Pocket 2 images for final and 19.04 beta are available now 💥New features include tear-free rendering, right click scrolling 📜and visible GRUB 👢 See our blog for downloads and details -

What is the number one thing 🥇 you'd change to improve Ubuntu MATE?

Any response featuring the words "green" or "theme" will be sent to /dev/null 😉

GNU Nano, Puppy #Linux, WINE, @ubuntu 19.04 Beta, #Gentoo, Flatpaks, Snaps, EU Copyright Directive, & more on Ep61 of @ThisWeekinLinux!

also on TWinL61: @ubuntumate for Raspberry Pi, Epiphany, #GNOME, #HumbleBundle, #DiRT4, #Steam - #gaming

#Linux @TuxDigital

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