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engrampa 1.23.2

Changes since the last release:

engrampa 1.23.2

tx: sync with transifex

LHA: add test for checking compressed file integrity

Add application/(x-compress|x-rpm|x-lzh-compressed) in local magic

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mate-common-1.23.152.tar.xz released by MATE Desktop Team

With a bit of luck 🍀 and a following wind 🌬 we'll land another significant paper 🧻 cut ✂️ fix for HiDPI users in time for 19.10 final release 💪 Thanks to Victor from the upstream team 🙏

Here's the GPD P2 Max running🏃🏻 19.10. With BIOS 0.24 the touch👆screen works on , as does suspend😴All flavours of work well "out-of the-box" 🎁 but I'm making a bespoke image 📀 of Ubuntu MATE 19.10 to enable HiDPI scaling 📏 by default 👍

The first preview video 📹 of Ubuntu MATE 19.10 Beta is available 😀

Ubuntu MATE 19.10 Beta is released and is a significant improvement 📈 over 18.04 and 19.04. This release focuses 🔬 on addressing paper 🧻 cut ️🔪 issues. Come and read 👀 the release notes to find 🕵️‍♂️ out more and get the downloads 📀

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