My ThinkPad X220 was last clean-installed with 14.04 in 2015 and has since been upgraded through many releases. Just upgraded it to 20.04, and Unity is still wonderful. 😍 Just needs s Yaru theme to finish it off 😂

@popey To "avoid the rush" I went ahead and installed the beta on my HP cheapo laptop last week (went from 18.04 to it) and it's pretty nice. I will say though, that to get the Yaru "extras" in that I need the user-theme gnome extension to get the Yaru-Dark shell theme for things like the Calendar dropdown from the top panel. I always install the Gnome Tweak Tool by default, but may look into what the default 20.04 can offer in that area later on once it's out of beta soon.


@douginamug @DonMcCollough Sure. Just keep updating and you'll be on 20.04 on Thursday (some time).

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